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Digital Collections

Open Access

Open Access Resolution (approved by the faculty February 3, 2016)
Open Access FAQ

Lake Forest College Publications

Scholarly publications produced at Lake Forest College, hosted at
publications.lakeforest.edu, includes senior theses, Lake Forest Papers (the All-College Writing Contest and First-Year Writing Contest winners) and programs for the Steven Galovich Memorial Student Symposium programs.

Digital Collections - Lake Forest College

Digitized items and exhibits in the Library’s collection, hosted at
collections.lakeforest.edu, includes:

  • Special Collections material, such as the Ragdale Scapbook and the Edward Bennett Collection.
  • Archival material (Lake Forest College publications, records, theses, and memorabilia), such as the Lake Forest College Bi-Weekly Employees Advisory Representatives (EAR) Committee News and Views newsletter.
  • Items that are produced by the College but include general local history material, such as the William Henry Humiston Scrapbook (Lake Forest University Class of 1891)


Images and slideshows for courses in Art and Art History, hosted at

More digital media and publications