Elliot Donnelley Railroad Library

Elliott Donnelley Railroad Library

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The Elliott Donnelley Railroad Library dates from 1976 when the late Mr. Donnelley’s family donated his collection of books and ephemera relating to trains to the College library.  It has grown—sometimes with family assistance—to include, in owned and on deposit collections, thousands of books, approaching a hundred thousand photographs, over five thousand timetables, manuscripts, and over a thousand brochures and ephemeral items (lanterns, china, tickets, fabric and paint samples, etc.).  Linked are digitized images, finding aids, and documents from and relating to this significant library within a library.  


Digitized Railroad Collection

  • Arthur D. Dubin Collection Images
  • Paddock Images
    • Key to Digitized Paddock Postcard-scaled Images in the Railroad Images collection.
    • View list of photographers
      Corn Studio, Portland, ME.
      D.H. Kirkwood
      D.L. Joslyn
      D.O. McKellips (also credited as “D.O. McKelips”)
      Fred Jukes
      Freeman W. Smith (also credited as “Freeman W. Smith, Maine” and “Feeman W. Smith”)
      G.M. Best
      Gorn Studio (also credited as “Gorn Studio, W. Smith” and “Gorn Stutio, Portland, ME”)
      J.W. Barnes (also credited as “J. Wm. Barnes” and “J. W. M. Barnes”)
      K. E. Schlachter (also credited as “K. E. Schachter”)
      Railroad Photographs
      Railroad Pictures, C.C. Buskirk, Big Rapids, Michigan
      Railway Photographs
      Weiss Studio
      WM. Bissinger
  • North Shore Line Collection

Actively involved in the railroad collection and in the Center’s work are John Allen ’80 and David Mattoon’76 (the latter volunteered one half day a week, plus additional virtual work as a research associate, from 2004 - 2013). Sayre Kos ’07 also played a key role in our Dubin and www.railroadheritage.org projects when he was on the staff, 2005-07; he had been a presenter at the 2005 photography conference.

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