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Nancy Nichols’s Lake Effect (2008)
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Nichols’ book, her research, and related material

An Overview: The Lake Effect Archive contains resources relevant to the environmental, historic, political, public health, and scientific issues surrounding Waukegan harbor. Lake Effect (Island Press, 2008), an environmental memoir written by Nancy Nichols, recounts a childhood in Waukegan during an era when … read more

The book and its reception

Nichols’ research finding aid

Related student/faculty investigations of the context and background on Waukegan’s harbor, Great Lakes environmental issues, and possible health ramifications.

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     Name and Portrait Index for persons mentioned in Lake Effect by                     Nancy Nichols. Biographies in some cases. 

The College’s Wood Institute for Local and Regional studies (1970s,1980s) files on Waukegan harbor, etc. environmental issues: (1) Harbor issues clippings (64 items listed); (2) Harbor EPA issues (13 items); (3) Waukegan pollution/toxic waste clippings (36 items); and (4) Misc. Waukegan clippings, reports listed, including EPA. Hard copy available in Archives (Wood Institute collection).

Some Lake Forest College relationships to companies operating around Waukegan Harbor, mid 20th c. See “30 Miles North…,” 2000-published College history, for Manville Girls, 1940s. See also 1945 Commencement address by president of Johns Manville. See history files on College’s Industrial Management Institute, founded 1946.