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Special Collections (non-book, mostly) indexed by name, listed alphabetically

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  • MacChesney, General Nathan papers
  • McClory, U.S. Representative Robert papers both relating to his Watergate files, House Judiciary Committee, 1973-74, and also to other aspects of his career, 1952-88, memorials after his 1988 death, and legacy.  
  • McClure/Hart/Stuart family collections (on deposit)
  • McClure, the Rev. James G. K. papers; see also Archives reference presidents’ files, Presidents’ papers, and Bross Foundation
  • McCormick, Cyrus II papers; Walden estate house plans
  • McCormick, Robert R., see J. M. Patterson Papers (PDF)
  • McCutcheon, George Barr papers
  • McCutcheon, John T., author, cartoonist, book collector (his pirate book coll., corresp. with A. C. McClurg bookstore, Chicago)
  • McCutcheon, John T., Jr., collection on inflation, 1933-1941; see also Shaw family collections
  • Madlener, Mrs. Otto autograph collection
  • Manning, Warren (landscape architect)
  • Market Square finding aid and short tour, see also Lake Forest Improvement Trust (LFIT) 
  • Marktown, East Chicago, IN, see Myers, Paul and Shaw, Howard (archit.)  
  • Mather, Charles Chambers, see Aldis photographs    
  • Meeker family, see Arcady plan (Jensen), Shirley Paddock collections
  • Mellody Farm, see LF addresses, estates reference and photo files
  • Mettawa: (1) village records, 1961-85 (files of village president James R. Getz, see Getz) and (2) Grainger controversy files, 1989-1997, Betsy N. Getz
  • Middleton, R. H. Bewick wood block and collection
  • Midlothian Country Club, Midlothian, IL, see George R. Thorne Presentation
  • Milman (Ralph) & Morphett (architects), see Spec. Coll. Designers file
  • Moses, Robert (New York), see Patterson and catalog
  • Myers, Paul collection
  • Nash, Joseph P. (artist)
  • National Press, Match Division, Chicago; catalog of book matches, 1962
  • Nebenzahl, Kenneth collection of writings, etc.
  • Neltnor family, West Chicago, IL, see Asmann
  • Nemerov, Howard, poet (a collection of his books and correspondence).  See Bartholomay. 
  • New York, New York parks, see Patterson (PDF) and catalog
  • New York Daily News archives, 1919-1946 (see Patterson, Joseph Medill Papers, etc. fidning aid, below)
  • Nichols, Nancy and Lake Effect (2008) collection.  Preliminary descriptive information. Finding aid.
  • Nixon, President Richard M., see Lloyd, McClory