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Shown here are websites for some programs that seem to branch out from Effective Schools Research, School Effectiveness Research, and the Effective Schools Process (SM). 

TIDES, Transformative Inquiry Design for Effective Schools and Systems (TIDES) is a consulting practice for implementing an Effective Schools Process (SM) approach to create successful change for schools toward helping all students learn. Janet Chrispeels, affiliated with NCESRD during its active period developing modules, leads this team or cadre of consultant trainers on the west coast.  

Effective Schools Effective Schools Products, Ltd. is a consulting and publishing firm dedicated to advancing the “learning for all” vision by providing the high-quality resources educators need to ensure that all children are successful, regardless of demographics or disability. Founded by Dr. Larry Lezotte, our training programs, books, and online tools are grounded in research and proven practices. We have been involved with school reform on the state, district, and school levels, in rural, suburban, and urban settings.  [From the site’s “Who we are” page.]  Lezotte participated in the development of the training modules for NCESRD. 

New national center on scaling up effective schools Peabody School of Education, Vanderbilt:  Developing Effective Schools Center (DESC).  This is a 2010 announcement of a new Vanderbilt-based, federally-funded ($13.6 million) program for effective schools.  In April 2011 this new Vanderbilt initiative with Tom Smith announced a partnership with low performing schools in Fort Worth.  And in November 2011 there was a further announcement about the Vanderbilt program students in urban Nashville public schools.         

Comprehensive School Reform, Education Development Center (EDC), Newton MA.  EDC will collaborate with Peabody on the new center to share effective high school practices. 

America’s Promise Alliance, Washington, DC.  This much-in-the-news program seeks to change at-risk young peoples’ lives so that they “avoid violence, contribute to their communities and achieve high grades in school” through five promises, one of which is “effective education.”  A guide to policies and practices, including building local teams, is found in Grad Nation, a  2009-published “Guidebook to Help Communities Tackle The Dropout Crisis.”  The focused program uses dramatic public-relations to gain attention to critical issues relating to effective schools’ correlates (safety, expectations, etc.).  The dropout initiative implies the application of school effectiveness methods and processes.   


Arthur H. Miller, December 3, 2011

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