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Effective Schools: Sources

Selected List of Sources

More sources? See below this list.

Bancroft, Beverly A. Bibliography for Participants, School Improvement Summer Institutes, 1988: Selected Topics Related to the Implementation of School Improvement Planning When Using the Effective Schools Research. Okemos, MI: National Center for Effective Schools, 1988, 14 pp.  The short, early list of sources conveys the enthusiasm and conviction of this movement driven by the idea that “all students can learn.”   

Berliner, David C. and Bruce J. Biddle, Manufactured Crisis: Myths, Fraud, and the Attack on America’s Public Schools, 2nd ed. Basic Books, 1996. (in print; Berliner was interviewed to “revisit” Manufactured Crisis… in the spring of 2011, reaffirming his assessment in the earlier book.)

Bullard, Pamela and Barbara O. Taylor. Keepers of the Dream: The Triumph of Effective Schools. Chicago: Excelsior!, 1994.

———. Making School Reform Happen. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1993. (available from libraries and out of print vendors via AddALL.com)

These two works, Keepers being a somewhat updated version of Making, provide the best overview for practitioners.

Banks, James A. Jr., “Multicultural Education, Dimensions of,” in James A. Banks, ed., Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education. Los Angeles: Sage Reference, 2012, v. 3, 1538-46.  Article cites Brookover, Edmonds, Levine, Lezotte, Rutter, etc. in a broader historical context running also up to 2010. 

Edmonds, Ronald R. “Effective Schools for the Urban Poor.” Educational Leadership 37 (October 1979), 15-24. (full-text pdf) (see also: quote with illustrative photo not from article)

“Programs of School Improvement: An Overview.” Educational Leadership (December 1982), 4-11. (full-text pdf)

Finn, Chester E., Jr. and Herbert J. Walberg, eds., Radical Education Reforms. Berkeley, CA: McCutchan, 1994. (in print)

 Gay, Geneva, “Multicultural Education, Purposes and Goals,” in Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education. Los Angeles: Sage Reference, 2012, 1547-52. Discussion of models for implementation, 1550-52, and good 21st c. bibliography. 

Hamel, Gary.  The Future of Management (Harvard Business School, 2007).  Reviewed in the New York Times.

Hess, G. Alfred, Jr. School Restructuring, Chicago Style. Newbury Park, CA: Corwin Press, 1991. (not in print, but available from AddALL.com)

Holcomb, Edie L., Getting Excited About Data: How to Combine, People, Passion, and Proof (Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press/Sage Publications, 1999). 

Kwalwasser, Harold.  Renewal: Remaking America’s Schools for the Twenty-First Century (New York: Rowman & Littlefield, 2012.  Using a new vocabulary for a new generation, the author cites Hamel (above) and his reports of flattened hierarchies, fewer layers of bosses, and empowered workers as a model for educational change (pp. 3-4).

Levine, Daniel U. and Lawrence W. Lezotte. Unusually Effective Schools: A Review and Analysis of Research and Practice. Madison, WI: National Center for Effective Schools, 1990. (ED330032) This and the following has provided the best review of research for scholars.

———. Unusually Effective Schools: Volume Two. Bloomington, IN: Phi Delta Kappa Educational Foundation, 2004.

Lezotte, Lawrence W. Effective Schools. http://effectiveresources.org. n.d. “The following paper is a series of brief annotations that pinpoint the most significant findings from recent research on Effective Schools. These sources have been assembled by Dr. Daniel Levine, veteran researcher….” [From author’s introduction to this annotated review of “recent research.”; full-text pdf] 

Lezotte, Lawrence W. Effective Schools: Past, Present, and Future. Okemos, MI: Effective Schools Products, LTD., 2009. (full-text-pdf)

Lezotte, Lawrence W. and Kathleen McKee Snyder. What Effective Schools Do: Re-Envisioning the Correlates. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree, 2010. ”…[U]pdates the knowledge base regarding school reform…,” Robert J. Marzano. (in print, hardback and paper; see Amazon or local libraries)

Marburger, Carl L. School Based Management: a Process for Change. Columbia, MD: National Committee for Citizens in Education, 1985. (in print)

Sammons, Pam, et al. Key Characteristics of Effective Schools: A Review of School Effectiveness Research. London, UK: Institute of Education, University of London, 1995. (ED389826; full-text pdf)

Taylor, Barbara O., ed. Case studies in effective schools research; written by practitioners in school districts that have implemented successfully school improvement programs based on effective schools research, with overview by Lawrence W. Lezotte.  Dubuque, Iowa : Kendall/Hunt Pub. Co., c1990. 

United States General Accounting Office.  Effective Schools Programs: Their Extent and Characteristics. September 1989.   

More sourcesa list of over one hundred other books, reports and media in this archival collection

Arthur H. Miller, revised July 19, 2013

“[The Effective Schools Process] provides the knowledge and tools to improve student performance and makes possible the dual goals of closing the achievement gap and ensuring academic excellence for all.”
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