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Chicago College of Dental Surgery

Chicago College of Dental Surgery  (1889-ca. 1902)

In 1889, Lake Forest University’s affiliation with the Northwestern College of Dental Surgery was dissolved and replaced by the affiliation with the Chicago College of Dental Surgery. The dean was Thomas W. Brophy.  The requirement for admission used the nationwide criteria of the National Association of Dental College Faculties, which demanded an examination unless a diploma from another educational institution was provided or a teaching certificate. 

The dental College required a course known as the “spring course” which was the preliminary education for those who had no previous experience in dentistry. The school of dentistry offered a curriculum that was a combination of didactic and clinical learning. Students attended lectures but were also expected to practice skills in dentistry. They became adept with their tools and efficient with their skills before putting them into practice. The “practitioners course” was a requisite in which the student performed dental operations under the scrutiny of a faculty member in a clinic.

The College was proud of the laboratory that was erected for students to study the microbiology that was relevant to dentistry. It provided state of the art accoutrements for students to observe microbes.

A dental degree usually took four years to complete and, like a medical degree, the candidate must have her/his moral character approved before receiving a diploma.  The graduates are listed in the course catalog.

In 1923 the Chicago College of Dental Surgery affiliated with Loyola University, Chicago, later known as the Loyola University School of Dentistry (no longer open).  (http://.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loyola_University_Chicago )

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