Lake Forest College In The Loop

Lake Forest College In The Loop provides students with a rich educational experience in a major American city that has truly global reach.

Watch Professor Rand Smith talk about Lake Forest College In The Loop:


Lake Forest College has long recognized – and increasingly taken advantage of – Chicago’s extensive educational and cultural resources. Lake Forest College In The Loop extends curricular choice for students by offering a mix of learning options, and is a natural expansion of the class trips and activities developed by the Center for Chicago Programs over the past five years.

Students reside in Hostelling International, a large and well-appointed hostel located in the Chicago Loop. Through the academic program and co-curricular activities, students learn about various distinctive aspects of Chicago, including the city’s history, economy, politics, architecture, art and relationship to the natural environment. Through the program students acquire a broader perspective and learn to relate their Chicago-based semester to their overall Lake Forest education.