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Career Connections

Career News and Events

  • Career Pathway Leader Ben Rohde is one of the six advisors who hold "Express Advising" hours each week in the Se...
    The Career Advancement Center (CAC) is bringing career advising straight to the hub of Lake Forest College student life!
  • The glial cell sculpture, Unheralded Vigilance, invited viewers to interact and see for themselves how the most abundant, ...

    Art and neuroscience students collaborated on an interactive sculpture to bring awareness of glial cells—the most abundant cell type in the central nervous system—to a whole new level during the 2018 Glassman Symposium poster session.

  • Sally Lapidus '77 and Chrisann Verges '78 talk to students about their time at and since Lake Forest College.
    Producers Sally Lapiduss ’77 and Chrisann Verges ’78 brought Hollywood to campus during an information session on careers in Hollywood hosted by the Career Advancement Center and the theater department.
  • Fatemeh "Sima" Riahi ’19 (left) and Karla Figueroa ’19

    Not giving up has paid off for Karla Figueroa ’19 and Fatemeh Riahi ’19. The duo has been selected from applicants worldwide to pitch their idea—a collapsible barrel with a built-in filter to make contaminated water usable—in the esteemed Values and Ventures business plan competition at Texas Christian University.

  • Abby Samuelson '19
    Transfer student Abby Samuelson ’19 has used the resources at the Career Advancement Center since her first day on campus.
  • Foresters in Hollywood

    This is an information session about careers in Hollywood

    Vail Commons

    12:00pm - 1:00pm

  • Career Advancement Center
    This week, the Career Advancement Center is offering opportunities for students in all five of the Career Pathways—Business and Finance, Creative Arts, Law and Public Service, Science and Health Care, and Build Your Own—to gain access to alumni and high-profile employers.
  • Nipun Chauhan ’18 has enhanced his professional communication skills working as a price analyst intern at Satori Ene...
    As we move into February, we’re entering Career Month. Through the Career Advancement Center’s help, students have the opportunity to get involved and learn about career pathways, create connections, and attend events that may help them shape their future.
  • Joe Zemaitis ‘02 Ironman triathlete and role model for young athletes
    As a longtime swimmer, Joe Zemaitis ’02 arrived at Lake Forest College with a goal that he had set for himself six years earlier — to compete in the Ironman Triathalon World Championship in Hawaii.
  • Anthony Annuziato '17 reviews his final presentation with faculty internship supervisor  Smret Smith of the...

    Anthony Annuziato ’17, one of 100 Foresters who interned last semester, picked up valuable skills during his internship that will help him pursue a career in social media marketing.

  • Hajar Habbal '20

    Hajar Habbal ’20 has been selected from a group of national finalists to become one of 16 in this year’s incoming class of the prestigious Kemper Scholars Program. 

  • Amy Wells of the Chicago Botanic Garden met with students during the Environmental Careers Networking Event.
    Students met environmental industry professionals in a small-group networking event to learn about the variety of careers that will allow them to have an impact on the environment and apply their investigative skills to advance environmental science and related initiatives.
  • Lake Forest College has recently partnered with 4Med to provide accredited online training to students for free and at a discounted rate for alumni on topics relating to compliance, government incentives, health IT, health and safety, best communication, and business practices.
  • Pre-Health Advising and the Career Advancement Center are happy to announce that we will award a Certificate for a 100% Course Scholarship from Kaplan Test Prep to two pre-med students or recent graduates.
  • Students interested in working in health care or medicine met with industry professionals at an on-campus Careers in Health Care and Medical Science networking event.
  • During a recent visit to the Evanston Arts Center, a group of students had the chance to learn more about the wide variety of career opportunities in the arts.
  • Last fall, the College embarked on a community approach to helping students find the best fit not only for their interests and skills, but also for the types of people they feel most comfortable with.
  • Sierra Smith '17
    Student ambassador Deja McClellan ’20 snapped LinkedIn photos for students in the Student Center this week as part of the Career Advancement Center’s focus on Career Month.
  • Finance students visited the headquarters of Medline Industries—a burgeoning medical supply leader—for a job shadowing day earlier this semester.
  • The Career Advancement Center’s annual Speed Networking event seriously connects students with professionals in their area of interest. From neuroscience to art history, students from all areas of study come to get career advice, find internship opportunities, and make connections that will hopefully lead to jobs after graduation. Nearly 1,800 scheduled meetings were held during the event.
  • Most students struggle at times when things don’t go as planned. Not getting that internship, performing poorly in an important game, or failing an exam will undoubtedly ratchet up a student’s stress level.
  • Michael Rueffer '17
    One of the main reasons Michael Rueffer ’17 chose Lake Forest College over other colleges that recruited him to play basketball was its Career Advancement Center (CAC).
  • FOCUS 2 guides students through a career and education decision making model to help you select majors at Lake Forest College, make informed career decisions, and take action.
  • Each year, Lake Forest College partners with the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University and 200 other institutions to distribute the Recruiting Trends survey to our employers. Even if you will not be hiring college graduates during the 2016 – 2017 academic year, we ask that you complete the survey. The information you provide will help us develop an accurate picture of this year’s employment prospects for college students.
  • Interested in joining a community of students and alumni with similar career interests? Sign up today!
  • The Career Advancement Center was awarded a $30,000 grant by the National Association of Colleges and Employers Foundation (NACE) to study the impact unpaid internships have on the long-term career success of liberal arts graduates.

  • Dan Turk ’15, an investment banking analyst at Moelis & Company in New York City, shared vital insight about this competitive field with a small group of students over an informal—but powerful—lunch.
  • Students spent a productive afternoon networking at the inaugural Insurance Careers Month Speed Networking event in Chicago on February 23.
  • Looking for a job or internship?  Preparing for graduate school admissions interviews? Forester Career Network alumni and professional volunteers are ready to help you prepare for some of the most common interview questions during Mock Phone Interview Week.
  • Lake Forest College students and Alumni now have access to a new career research tool! Vault Campus offers in-depth intelligence on what it is really like to work in an industry, company or profession and resources that can help with career exploration as well as landing that ideal job or internship.