When deciding which companies, positions, or industries interest you and when preparing for an interview doing your research is incredibly important.  Researching will help you make a decision as to whether the company/position is a good fit and will help you sell your skills in an interview.



Information to gather:

What type of organization is it (public, private, non-profit)?

How many employees work there?

What can you find out about company culture (work-life balance, opportunities for professional development, etc.)?

Are there areas of growth within the organization?

Where is the location of company headquarters and additional offices (global, U.S.A. only)?

Who are their customers?

What are their products?

Who are their competitors? 

What is their mission statement or company philosophy?

What is going on in their industry?

What are the position responsibilities?

What are the various departments and their functions?

What is the company’s annual revenue?

What is the current stock price and what factors have influenced any fluctuations?

Where have former employees gone on to work?

Who are the Board of Directors/executives/owners and what are their backgrounds (education, years with the company)?