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Career Connections

Interview Questions

There are various types of questions commonly asked during interviews.  Reviewing the job description will help you to prepare for questions you might be asked.  Check out a list of 50 standard interview questions and review types of questions you may encounter:

Opening Questions: An interviewer wants to find out about you as a person and to evaluate how you are going to fit into the culture of that specific organization. Examples: How are you? or Tell me about yourself.

Credential Questions: The interviewer is trying to get a better idea of your background. Examples:  What is your GPA? or Which classes have you excelled in? or How did you do in your major classes?

Behavioral Questions: These questions are the most commonly asked by college recruiters.

Experience Questions: These are questions that relate to your experience that help an interviewer to subjectively evaluate your background. Examples: Have you done this type of work before? or What did you learn in that class? or What were your responsibilities when you worked for that company?

Company Research Questions: Sometimes interviewers do ask questions to determine if you did your homework. Examples: Why do you want to work here? or What about our organization most interests you? or What kind of contribution do you think you could make to our pre-existing sales team?

Crazy Questions: Depending on how non-traditional the employer is or how important creativity and problem-solving are to the position, you might find the employer asking you questions that seem absolutely off-the-wall. The real purpose of these questions is to see if you can offer an original thought and get past all of the pre-programmed, “correct” interview answers, but you can still use interview strategy to give your best answer. Examples: What kind of animal would you like to be? or How many jellybeans do you think could fit in my office? or Who has most influenced you in your life?

Closing Questions: This is your opportunity to ask questions. Prepare a few questions that focus on things you really want to know, not insignificant details. See “10 questions you should ask in an interview” for some examples.

Improper Questions: Before you begin interviewing, it is important to know that there are some questions that, by law, interviewers cannot ask. The article “Handling Improper Interview Questions” can help you determine which questions are appropriate and how to respond to those that are not.