Creating Your Unique Job Search Plan

Building and following an effective plan can make the difference in your job search efforts. We can assist you with the tools you will find here. Like any plan you will need to review it and make adjustments based on your preferences and interests.

Here are key focal points to help you get started:

1. What am I good at , what do I enjoy what are my initial targets? First understand yourself.

2. Capture your experiences with a strong resume and cover letter.  An action driven resume gets attention.

3. Do your homework!  It is an important step to research the industry, type of companies or organizations that best match your skills talents and  goals.  We can help you with career information links and share with you techniques to make your search more effective.

4. Identify your network. 60 to 90 percent of jobs are found through friends, family and people you reach out to learn more about the profession you seek. 

5. Reach out and engage your network to gather information and enlist support through Informational Interviewing.  Learn how to request and and conduct informational interviews. You can decide if the path you are looking into is the right one for you, increase awareness of your interest and talent, learn about what it takes to locate and secure an opportunity.

6. Be ready for that first encounter with a great elevator speech. Learn about how to respond to “So, tell me a little about yourself”.

7. Prepare for  success in the Interview process. Know your value to an employer, by understanding their needs and how you fit from both a skills perspective and their environment.  We can help you get ready.

8. Where can you find the job opportunities? There are resources like ForesterLink, LinkedIn and company web sites to help you get started. Don’t forget your network, a primary resource that you will use for the rest of your professional life.