Non-Credit Internships

Are you sure you want to be a (fill in the blank) after college? Wish you could take a stroll down a career path without having to commit to one long-term? A non-credit internship just might be for you.

A non-credit internship lets you explore and test hunches about a career field. Open to all students regardless of their major, a non-credit internship allows students to try out different career paths before settling on one. Completing a non-credit internship can also build your resume and, eventually, help launch your career.

Our helpful counselors in the Career Advancement Center guide you in setting goals for your internship, establishing what skills you’d like to master, and determining how your internship relates to your major.

In addition to long-term internships, students can also participate in job shadowing, in which they follow the day-to-day activities of a professional in their field of interest. Many pre-med students also do clinical shadowing to learn about what it takes to be a physician.

If you’re ready to explore or begin a non-credit internship check out the resources below: