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Career Connections

For-Credit Internships

Career Advisors and Faculty Internship Supervisors help students create an internship search plan. Students can pursue internships both for-credit and non-credit during the fall, spring and summer terms.

For-Credit Internships

Available to juniors and seniors who wish to pursue an opportunity linked to their areas of study. Internships are supervised by a Faculty Internship Supervisor who helps facilitate learning and self-reflection. The College manages relationships with a number of employers able to provide students with internships worthy of College credit. Learn more about the guidelines and process for obtaining a for-credit Internship below. 

The Lake Forest College In The Loop Program and ACTIVATE: Summer Internship Program provide immersive living-learning experiences in downtown Chicago complemented by special networking events and career preparation activities designed specifically for program participants.

Non-Credit Internships

Students who are not yet eligible for a for-credit internship, have used all available internship credits, or wish to obtain an internship that does not meet for credit internship guidelines may choose to pursue a non-credit internship. Some internships are only available for-credit through Faculty Internship Supervisors; in these cases, students will work with their career advisor to search for non-credit internships, if available.

For-Credit Internship Policies

Read the complete for-credit internship guidelines here. Highlights include:

  • For-credit Internships are open to juniors and seniors; international students must receive employment authorization (contact Erin Hoffman, Director of Intercultural Relations immediately for more information)
  • Before the Director of Internships will approve an internship for-credit, students must be approved by the Dean of Students, their Faculty Advisor, a Faculty Internship Supervisor, the Office of Intercultural Relations (International students only) and the Director of the In the Loop Program (if applicable). See a Faculty Internship Supervisor for details. 
  • Internship must be aligned with area of study
  • The bulk of the internship work must take place at the site
  • Student will not normally receive more than three internship credits total; a maximum of two credits will be awarded for each internship
  • 1 credit = approximately 150 hours of on the job experience
  • Commission based internships will not be approved

Interested in a For-Credit Internship?

Here are the steps you can take:

  1. Review the complete for-credit internship guidelines
  2. Complete the for-credit internship interest survey* (*Note: students participating in the In the Loop program do not need to complete this survey)
  3. Meet with a Faculty Internship Supervisor (see list on right) to discuss the for-credit internship process including important guidelines, deadlines and required paperwork. Note that students must be approved by the Dean of Students, their Faculty Advisor, a Faculty Internship Supervisor, the Office of Intercultural Relations (International students only) and the Director of the In the Loop Program (if applicable) before the Director of Internships will approve an internship for-credit. 
  4. Connect with your Faculty Advisor to ensure that a for-credit internship would fit with your academic plan
  5. Work with your Career Advisor to identify resources and methods to help you secure an internship. Your Faculty Internship Supervisor can also share organizations who have hosted for-credit interns in the past.
  6. Once you have secured an internship, obtain an offer letter from your on-site supervisor. Check with your Faculty Internship Supervisor to ensure the offer letter includes all required information.
  7. Complete and submit your required for-credit internship paperwork to your Faculty Internship Supervisor. All relevant parties listed above must review and approve the paperwork prior the appropriate deadline (see below).  


Deadlines to obtain an internship and submit all for-credit internship paperwork:

Fall/Spring: Students should work with their Faculty Internship Supervisor to complete and submit paperwork least one week prior to the add/drop date for classes to allow time for approvals.

Summer: The preferred registration deadline for summer internships is the first day of the first summer session.  All requirements and hours must be completed by July 31, unless the student receives special permission from their Faculty Internship Supervisor and Director of Internships to finish after this date. Learn more about summer internships on the summer internships page.