Lake Forest College students may conduct internships for credit. Below are some of our general guidelines and responsibilities for employers. 

Internship Guidelines:

  • There is a clear supervisor and supervision for students is provided on a regular basis. Supervisors will conduct evaluations and work with faculty during the term of the student’s for-credit internship. 

  • The internship is located in a commercial setting and not in a private residence or home office.

  • The internship does not require students to make investments, initial cash deposits, or purchase starter kits.

  • The internship does not involve students purchasing inventory or product for resale.

  • The internship is not paid strictly on commission. 

  • The internship does not require the student to recruit other Lake Forest College students and peers for positions within the organization.    


Rules concerning Internships:
For-credit Internships
Internships and Salary