Our Career Advisory Council is made up of professional partners who bring real-world experience and expertise to advising sessions and outreach with students.


Their career guidance includes targeted job search preparation strategies – such as resume-building, cover letter writing, and interview preparation – as well as career development feedback from the employer perspective.

Services offered include:

  • Career Coaching
    • Individual advising appointments
    • Resume/cover letter writing strategies and feedback
  • Mock Interviewing
    • Identifying key accomplishments, skills, and strengths
    • Articulating your passion, experience, and story
    • Tips and pointers for successful preparation and execution
  • Informational Interviewing
    • Steps for conversing with alumni and professionals in your field of interest
    • Availability to discuss career paths and journey with you

Career Advisory Council Members:


“One of the most important aspects of being involved is the notion that you always should make the world better than you found it.  The opportunity to provide guidance, knowledge and skills that will help the next generation of leaders achieve their life goals is why I as a Lake Forest College Career Advisor dedicate my time to volunteering.  You can make a difference too by sharing your unique talents in partnership with us.  In the end we do this because we care.” 

Joe Chmura 



“College students need to be empowered to compete in our dynamic, global economy. I provide guidance at each stage of career development to explore career paths, build a compelling resume and cover letters, and prepare for interviews. It is an investment in our community and in our future. Because having the best, most motivated workforce engaged in the economy benefits us all.”

- Kate Jackson



Contact the Career Advancement Center at 847-735-5235 to learn more or schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor today!