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Career Connections

Career Finder: Communications, PR, and Marketing

Graduate with a diploma and an EDGE.

Want to go into broadcasting or public relations? Maybe you’re interested in advertising or media relations? Lake Forest students are well prepared to take on the challenges of professional careers after graduation and go on to succeed in a variety of areas in the field of communications.

We offer our students rigorous academics, quality internships, leadership experience, and, of course, guidance from alumni mentors and professionals in the Career Advancement Center. Motivated students take advantage of these opportunities and pursue fulfilling careers in the dynamic field of communications.

Past internships:

  • Edelman Public Relations
  • NBC5 Chicago
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Rolling Stone Magazine
  • International Herald Tribune, Paris, France
  • Victory Gardens Theater
  • 93 WXRT, Chicago

Graduates’ jobs:

  • Integrated Marketing Manager, Digitas
  • Vice President, Expedia.com
  • Executive Director, G.Q. Magazine
  • Creative Director, Hill & Knowlton
  • Multimedia Designer, Medpoint Communications
  • Account manager, Google
  • Midwest Ad Director, Rolling Stone Magazine