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Career Connections

Career Finder: Art and Design

Graduate with a diploma and an EDGE.

Getting a career in an arts-related field isn’t just about studying the subject — it also helps to have connections and experience in the field. 

Lake Forest’s connections to Chicago affords its students access to experience-enhancing visits to and internships at the city’s top cultural and business institutions, including at places like the Art Institute of Chicago, The Goodman Theatre, and Lyric Opera House.

Experiences on campus are resume-builders too. Students interested in a theater career can gain hands-on experience by joining Garrick Players, the longest-running student-run theater troupe in the Midwest. Musicians can join one of the College’s many music ensembles. And burgeoning artists can show their work or curate an exhibit in one of three gallery spaces on campus.

At Lake Forest, you’ll come away with marketable skills, unmatched experience, and the ability to parlay your artistic passions into a professional career.


  • Nate Berkus Associates
  • WBEZ 91.5 FM
  • Illinois Arts Council
  • Sotheby’s Auction House
  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • Chicago Dance and Music Alliance
  • Looking Glass Theatre
  • Goodman Theatre

Graduates’ Jobs:

  • Interior decorator and muralist, Art Institute of Chicago
  • Photographer, Surfing Magazine
  • Director, Lake Forest Children’s Theatre
  • Archivist, Field Museum
  • Designer, Nate Berkus Associates