Milestones: Your Forester Career Plan

The Forester Career Plan is an action-orientated four-year program that enables our students to effectively develop and implement a career strategy and accomplish their professional goals. 

Milestones for Year One focus on academic, career, and personal exploration with the purpose of helping you define your professional goals. The action steps in this phase help you engage in self-awareness, self-reflection, and academic/career investigation in order to find and articulate your passion in a powerful, clear way.

Milestones for Year Two are designed to help you target your intended career destination and develop skills related to your professional pathway through experiential education opportunities. The action steps in this phase will enable you to build your professional portfolio, get involved on and off campus, and expand your career network.

Milestones for Year Three expand upon the earlier phases by increasing the level of intention and focus in your career planning. It is at this stage that you will begin to take on greater leadership roles, expand your academic and professional involvement, and strengthen your networking in preparation for your transition beyond Lake Forest College.

Milestones for Year Four prepare you for the transition from student to graduate. The actions steps in this phase assist you in making strategic decisions as you prepare to apply for employment. These steps also ensure you can articulate your strengths and accomplishments for graduate school or job interviews – making you a standout candidate.  

The career development process is not linear, and you may find yourself returning to any of the stages throughout your time at Lake Forest College and even beyond.