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Spike Stories

  • “Thank you for all you have done for LFC”

    Doni Fordyce Urfirer ’81

  • “You’re the best Spike- Hope we can meet soon!!”

    Molly Porterfield ’83

  • “Thank you to Spike for bringing me to Lake Forest and opening up the world to a New England girl.”

    Seana Kelly Crellin ’91

  • “Congratulations on your honor for being at LFC for 50 years.” 

    Tom Lincoln ’73

  • “Spike, you rock! Thanks for all your service to LFC. All the best”

    Geoffrey Steadman ’84

  • Cassandra Balzer, class of 2016 is my oldest daughter and therefore, she was my first experience at dropping off a child at a college so very far away since we live north of Boston. I was worried, concerned and anxious even though I knew this was an exciting day for her as she started her new life. I remember the day we both met Spike like it was yesterday. Cassandra and I had just walked the 3 set of stairs SEVERAL times to move her into her dorm room. In the heat of that brutal summer day, we organized, set up and got accustomed to the new space that she would call her home for the next several months. In the midst of our activity, there was an unexpected knock on the door. We opened it to meet Spike for the first time. He said that he had purposefully found Cassandra and wanted to meet her. He explained who he was and that he was part of the decision making process that decided she was entitled to receive an award and a grant. It was an award and grant that she received throughout the 4 years and I am so thankful to Spike for continuing to favor Cassandra in that regard. I was so taken by him from the very first moment; not only did he know Cassandra, knew her background, but he went out of his way to meet her. What more could an anxious, worried mom ask for? A caring adult interested in my daughter so far away from home! As we talked, we discovered some common ground; his life on the north shore of Boston close to our hometown of Ipswich, Massachusetts, his wife’s position at the Lake Forest Library and my aunt and uncle who lived directly across the street from the library who were frequent visitors of the library. There was a common thread that helped me to see even more that Lake Forest College was the right choice for my daughter. Over the course of the next 4 years, he would periodically send me an email telling me about Cassandra. Each time my heart warmed with gratitude for Spike. Then, when Cassandra was studying abroad in Istanbul, he emailed both of us to let us know that she eligible for a study abroad grant. He took such an interest in her. I am still so amazed by his constant attention to her education and welfare when I know he must also follow and care for so many other students. What an amazing person; kind, caring, interested and dedicated to the students of Lake Forest. He calmed the anxiety of this first time mom and I will always and forever be grateful for and to Spike. He is a gem in every sense of the word. I will miss the honoring of his life and his career but I am there in spirit. He touched the lives of the Balzer Pisciotta family and he is someone that I will never forget. Very so much fondness for and gratitude to Spike.

  • Cheers!

  • Congratulations on your 50 years at LFC - you can’t retire- you’re too valuable & everyone looks forward to seeing you when they visit the campus!!

  • “Thank you for your dedication to LFC!” 

    -Andy & Mark Hertzberg ’72
  • “Thank you for allowing me to attend LFC and bringing me back in!” 

    -Kent S. Clow III ’73
  • “Thanks for all you do!” 

    -David H. Close & Gail Chapman Close ’76
  • Thank you so much for all you have done, and continue to do for the school!

  • “Spike he always made everyone feel special.” 

    -Susan Sanidas ’87
  • “Congratulations on five decades and distinguished service!” 

    -Earl & Lisa Barnes ’86
  • Thank you for keeping me connected to LFC for 30+ years!

  • “Go to…” 

    -John ’69 & Martha Virden ’70
  • “You are amazing! My first boss after graduating college, when I worked for you in admissions. Would love to be at your celebration but I will be out of town at our Santa Barbara.” 

    -Steve Breihan ’83
  • “He is one of the main reasons I attended LFC! He cane all the way to Los Angeles! Amazing man and thank you so much I had the time of my life in four wonderful years!”

    -Sabrina Zamora ’00
  • “Spike *IS* LFC . He’s the reason a LOT of us went to LFC and have stayed connected and committed. A true legend and a true challenge to us all to carry on the AWESOME tradition! Time to carry the torch. If not us, who? Thanks Spike!” 

    -Bill Walsh Jr ’89
  • “I will always remember my admissions interview with you, in the lobby of the San Francisco Marriott!” 

    -Julia Rose Birka-White ’12
  • “Thank you for all your many years of service, LFC would not be what it is today without you! All the best.” 

    -Katherine Shervin Hamblett ’85
  • “All the best! Thanks for all you have done for LFC. When we think of LFC,we think of you.” 

    -Mike Brown & Betsy Nolte Brown ’77

    -James Bellis ’76
  • “Thank you for all that you do.” 

    -Brett C. Egner ’96
  • “You’re the best!! LFC is blessed to have such a champion supporter. You’ve always given 110%!” 

    -Rebecca R. Yord ’74
  • “Thanks for keeping Lake Forest College in the hearts & minds of alumni every where.” 

    -Nancy & Dave Wilber ’68
  • “During my initial “visit” to the College with my parents, the first staff member I encountered was Spike….I was full of excitement beginning a new phase of my life and he was gracious and helpful as we met with him in his office.A wonderful person.” 

    -Patti Jo Stevens ’75
  • “You passed me through the admission process. I will never forget that.” 

    - William G. Stoops ’56
  • “Thanks for all you have done for LFC.” 

    -Walter & Laurie Eschelbach ’72
  • “We love you Spike. See you in October.” 

    -Jaike & Shawn Williams ’77