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Class Notes

Notes from Classes of the 1950's

  • Robert “Bob” Waller ’53 was recently published by Xlibris Press authoring an article titled “Relief, Recreation, Racism: Civilian Conservation Corps in the South Carolina State Parks, 1933-1942.”


  • Judy Braack ’58 and Dick Busscher ’57 are planning a trip to Seattle and Alaska in August as well as a wedding in Lexington, time at the lake and gardening! Judy will also be celebrating her 60th reunion this October!

  • Mike Henry ’58 welcomed great-grandchild number 7 recently! He shared, “always a joy when a new family member arrives”.

  • Bob Cohen ’58 - Bob is living in Alabama! Margie and Bob moved from Texas to be closer to family. His Daughter, Bobbi, lives only 10 houses away now.

    Bob is sorry to miss his 60th Class Reunion this year,but is  planning to make Margie’s 60th Reunion next year. They will be attending a reunion of ad agency people from the 70s and 80s in Chicago. 

    “Greetings to all of my class mates from the Class of 1958
    and the LFC administration…..hope to see you next year!”

  • Ted Sares '55Ted Sares ’59 was featured in The Conway Daily Sun on March 9, 2018 for being back in training for power-lifting events following a 12-week hiatus.

Notes from Classes of the 1960's

  • Join us in congratulating Bob Garner ’62 on his retirement this past February! 

  • Lawrence F. Kaine ’62, was named a Charter Member of the Appellate Practice and Advocacy Section of the Florida Bar after 52 years of service. He is still practicing in Miami as a sole practitioner.

  • William Eck ’64 wrote in to share, “89 and still kicking!”

  • Frank Crane ’65 “finally bit the bullet” and sold his home in Estero, FL in March and is now living back in Doylestown, PA as his permanent home.

  • 1965Lake Forest College graduates Pat Gandy Lidien ’65, Candy Jaros Wood ’65 and Judy Johnston Herbert ’65 (left to right in photo), met for a get together. They all live in Marin County, California. These ladies first met when they were 18 years old (57 years ago!) and have kept in touch and shared their memories and current lives with appreciation for having their friendship start at Lake Forest College. 

  • 1Mori Moriuchi ’68, other alumni, and the College’s international admissions counselor, Darren Drabek, gather in Tokyo, Japan! The banner being held will be used at an EducationUSA college fair in Tokyo. The flag will safely be returned by Mori Moriuchi ’68 when he returns to campus this fall on Homecoming Weekend for his 50th reunion!

  • This Homecoming the class of 1968 will be celebrating their 50th reunion! The reunion committee, made up of Dave Wilber ’68, Mark Abrahams ’68, Julie Amper ’68, Marsha Anderson ’68, Bed Bigelow ’68, Carol Brink ’68, Bob Bullard ’68, Susan Katz Clark ’68, Bobbye Gregory ’68, Tom Hall ’68, Sandy & Harry Holmes ’68, Freddie Hoyt ’68, Jill Landry ’68, Carolyn Mitchell ’68, Debby Lyons Staley ’68, Donna & Sam Stout ’68, and Nancy Wilber ’68,  is hard at work planning a HUGE 50th reunion. Want to learn more or see who’s coming? Visit their reunion page: www.lakeforest.edu/1968 

  • SallieSallie Bowen ’68—Sallie created a website, www.salliebowen.com, where she is selling her original paintings. Sallie also published a new blog, “Finding Inspiration: The First Step in Beginning a Painting”, which can be accessed through the link below. Please check out Sallie’s website and comment on her blogs to let her know what you think.



  • Walter A. Hill '68Dr. Walter A. Hill, Class of 1968, delivered the S.A. Haley Memorial Lecture at the 62nd annual Rural Life Conference March 9 at Pine Bluff Convention Center. Hill is a professor, Vice Provost and Dean of the College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences and Director of U.S. Department 1890 Research and Cooperative Extension at Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama. 

  • Carl MaultsBy ’69, Natalie Carroll Dailey ’71, Rosalind Curry Jackson ’70, Russell Jackson ’69 were able to reunite at the Houston Area Urban League 50th Anniversary Gala. Foresters at the Huston Area Urban League gala

  • Carl MaultsBy ’69, On June 5, 2018, the Hampton Ministerial and Musicians Conference saw the unveiling of One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: An African American Ecumenical Hymnal for which Carl, was the Episcopal representative to the Core Committee as well as a contributing composer/author of 11 pieces. For one of the pieces, “Absalom Jones: A Preacher Like Jesus,” MaultsBy co-wrote with Michael McKee ’68. 

  • Dan Halpren-Ruder ’69 published an article “Why Give It Up? My Late-Career Fellowship,” which talks about Dan completing a fellowship in telehealth (TH) after a 36-year long medical career in internal medicine. Check out the article here: https://catalyst.nejm.org/late-career-fellowship/

  • In January, Lake County (IL) Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor ’04 sent in this update about newly seated Lake County (IL) Chief Judge Jay Ukena ’69: “It’s notable that Lake Forest College alumni are leading ‘both sides of the building’ with Jay leading the Circuit Court and me leading the county building.”

Notes from Classes of the 1970's

  • Carl MaultsBy ’69, Natalie Carroll Dailey ’71, Rosalind Curry Jackson ’70, Russell Jackson ’69 were able to reunite at the Houston Area Urban League 50th Anniversary Gala. Foresters at the Huston Area Urban League gala

  • MichaelMichael McTwigan ’71 shared that after 45 years in New York City, most of those in Park Slope Brooklyn, he has moved to the “woods” of Connecticut, surrounded by pine trees and is working for Mastercard. 

  • Janet Lee Beach ’71 lives in San Francisco, CA with her husband, Ralph Keeney. The two of them have a son, Greg, who is now 30 years old and works for Open Gov, a software company in Silicon Valley which focuses on improving city and state government outcomes via access and visualization of data.

    Janet (US Marketing Services) works as a consultant in strategy and market research designed to accelerate sales via effective product, marketing, and sales alignment. 

    Janet also runs a non-profit, The Job Forum, as a volunteer ED/Chairman. The Job Forum provides career advice and input to educated job hunters to help them find their next steps in their careers. 

    Janet is looking forward to her family vacation to their cabin at Squam Lake in New Hampshire. 

  • Jonathan Atkin '71Drone aerial photos taken by Jonathan Atkins ’71 is included in the American Photographic Artists-New York issue launch at The Old Print Shop Gallery in New York City where the ‘proof sheet’ magazine has been brought to life. 

  • The class of 1973 is gearing up to celebrate their 45th college reunion this October at Homecoming! The committee, made up of Suzanne Nyren ’73, James Palumbo ’73, Ron Burian ’73, James Arneill ’73 and Mike Smith ’73, are hard at work to plan a memorable reunion. Stay tuned for more weekend details! 

  • Stephanie Mark ’ 73 - Stephanie is doing great in Stamford, CT. She is enjoying life with architectural design, ceramics, and advancing her block business, Pyridiam Block. You can see Stephanie on her website. 

  • Dalton Savwoir ’75 - Dalton has been a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator since 2016.

  • Dave Maurer ’76 - In July, Dave left longtime home Los Angeles and moved with my girlfriend Sharon to Hollywood, Florida. We run a wholesale jewelry business together. Dave is also the director of his family foundation (The Maurer Family Foundation)–their giving is focused exclusively on the Arts.

    Last summer, Dave connected with Chuck Bailey in Cape Cod; and he usually sees Amanda Hoey (Mandi Shenk ’76) a couple of times a year– she also lives in South Florida with her husband Patrick.

    Any vintage Foresters happen to be down near Miami, give Dave a shout.

  • Chrisann Verges '78 and Sally Lapiduss '77Chrisann Verges ’78 (left) and Sally Lapiduss ’77 returned to campus on March 21 for a career event billed as “Foresters in Hollywood”. They shared tips for building a career as a writer or producer and share how their Lake Forest College education helped them in ways they did not imagine as students.

  • Lewis Zwick ’78 - Last January Lewis started Zwick Real Estate Advisors , a real estate and financial consulting firm focusing on the equestrian community in North Texas which is the home to cutting and reining horses trainers. Lewis believes this could be an interesting ride.

  • Mary Loss ’79, In 2017, Mary retired from teaching and her son, Paul Loss Dunham, graduated from Lake Forest College! Paul will be attending Kent Law school; where both his father and uncle attended.

  • Rita Garry ’79, Started a new position as Senior Counsel at Freeborn & Peters

    RIta Garry

Notes from Classes of the 1980's

  • MarciaMarcia Riefer Johnston ’80 just released her website, https://kindness-map.com/, a place where people everywhere can share recent stories of kindness they’ve seen or received. The Kindness Map originated as Marcia’s project in the Spring 2018 Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program in Portland, Oregon. Please visit, drop a heart on the map, and help magnify kindness in the world.

  • Robert Dvorak ’81 - Robert Joined SilkRoad Technology, Inc. as President and Chief Executive Officer in September 2018.

  • Are you a member of the Class of 1983? Do you have plans for the weekend on October 12 and 13? Well, now you do! Join us for 2018 Homecoming and Reunion Weekend and celebrate your 35th College reunion. Your committee, made up of Masayo Kobashi ’83, Maureen Hackett ’83, Scott Robb ’83, Chris Roberts ’83, Susie Foley ’83, Andrew Mauck ’83, Dan Moriarty ’83, Molly Porterfield ’83, Kathy Smilow ’83, and Mark Smith ’83, are excited to see many of you back for what will be a reunion to remember. 

  • Edwin Stang ’84 recently wrote in sharing a new job at Alliance Mobility as a Certified Mobility Sales Manager. “I am very excited to work with this new company in Kelowna, British Columbia Canada eh! We are very fortunate to provide Citizens with Disabilities VMI and BraunAbility Wheelchair Vans that enhance their mobility freedom.”

  • Sonia and TomSonia Alvarez ’84 and Tom Kern ’84 were recently at Lake Forest College taking their children on the campus tour as they consider college in 2019. “It was a great Admissions event!”

  • Amy Currie '85 recently took on a new role as the Culinary Director at Panna Cooking.Amy Currie '85 recently took on a new role as the Culinary Director at Panna Cooking.

  •  Dan Ugaste ’85 recently won the Republican Primary for Illinois State Representative in the 65th District (North and Central Kane Cty and Southern McHenry Cty). Dan will face a Democrat in the General Election this fall.

  • Mark Vruno '85Mark Vruno ’85 is working in the Marketing Communications Department at Fenwick High School, a Catholic college prep school in Oak Park, IL, near Chicago. The former Forester quarterback is also the head freshman football coach for the Friars.

  • Cali Om/Cara Jepsen '86Kali Om (formerly known as Cara Jepsen ’86) was in residency at the Ragdale Foundation in Lake Forest in March writing a book of her Yoga Chicago columns called Beyond the Mat: Don’t Just Do Yoga—Live It, which will be published later this year. Om has been a freelance journalist in Chicago for the past 30 years, and taught yoga there since 1998. She is registered beyond the highest level (E-RYT 500). She has completed 200-, 500-, and 800-hour trainings with her guru, Sri Dharma Mittra, and studied five times in India with Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. She is also certified in many other areas, including yoga therapeutics. Besides teaching yoga in Chicago, Om leads retreats locally and in Belize, and is a columnist and cartoonist for Yoga Chicagomagazine.

  • Class of 1988 is celebrating their 30th College reunion this October 12th and 13th. The reunion committee, made up of Cindy Webber ’88, Serre Murphy ’88, Vicki Hagan ’88 and Laura Lane ’88, are looking forward to seeing many of their classmates back for a weekend of fun with Foresters. Stay tuned for more weekend details. 

Notes from Classes of the 1990's

  • Todd Sullivan ’90, will be co-teaching a practical skills course at Duke Law School during the 2018-19 school year called “Pre-Trial Litigation.”  Sullivan graduated in 1994 from Cornell Law School.  He is a partner in the law firm Graebe Hanna & Sullivan, PLLC in Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • Caralyn Carrie Brace ’91 shared with us; “Love living on beautiful Lake Norman outside Charlotte with my husband and our 8 year old.  Traveling every week with Cisco but getting to see the world!”

  • Joe MarcusJoseph William Marcus ’91 recently wrote in to the College to share a life update with us. He wrote “as evidenced by the West Palm Beach skyline behind me, like any good native New Yorker, I’ve since relocated to south Florida. Delray Beach is where I am living these days. No, I’m not retired. I pick up plenty of part-time work and, of course, I’m enjoying the beautiful weather down here.” 

  • The Class of 1993 Reunion Committee, made up of Tony Azu-Popow ’93, Jessica Gardner ’93, Gardner and PerrsonCarrieAnn Hill ’93, Gabrielle Martinez ’93, Amy Rogers Murphy ’93, Dede Gay Perrson ’93, Scott Pozil ’93, and Tim State ’93, is hard at work planning the 25th reunion. Gardner and Perrson recently met up on campus to scout locations and reminisce about their days as students. They look forward to seeing  their classmates and friends in October. 

  • Tim State ’93 recently shared with us; “after vacationing in Palm Springs for several years, my partner Michael Norpell and I went all-in, and purchased a vacation home there this past year. It’s a fun mid-century modern getaway that that we have completely gutted and updated while still being true to the architect’s original intent. We have coined the home “Estrella Moderna,” Spanish for modern star–a nod to the concrete breeze block star that adorns the front of the home.  I continue as the Director of Alumni Relations for the Americas and Reunions at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, which has me on the road about fifty percent of the time, and I’m looking forward to fewer flights between Chicago and the West Coast and starting and ending my week in Palm Springs.”

  • LFC "Fish This" crewDavid Fournier ’97 captained Team Zamboati and his all-LFC crew to a second Chicago Corinthian Yacht Clun “Fish This” tournament win last summer. The all-LFC crew included (left to right) Geoff “Jiffy” Curtis ’97, Brian “Wolfie” Wolf ’97, David “The Rodfather” Fournier ’97, JJ “Big Cat” Nitti ‘97 and Eric “Haskie” Haskell ’00.

  • Calling all 1998 alumni! This October you will be celebrating your 20th college reunion! Our committee, Ted Dunn ’98 and Adam Blumenthal ’98, are looking for other classmates to help with planning a memorable reunion. Interested? Contact Jamie Williams ’16 at jawilliams@lakeforest.edu for more details. 

  • DominicksYancy Dominick ’99, along with his wife Emily and son Franklin, had a great time visiting his sister Merrica Dominick ’04 and her husband Nick in Morocco, where Merrica works for the US Consulate in Casablanca.

Notes from Classes of the 2000's

  • 2000 ladiesBeth Liebschutz-Roettger ’00 shared this photo of herself with fellow Foresters having a wonderful weekend visiting Music City and catching up. Pictured is: Samantha Holdrige Oppeneer ’00, Melissa Glynn Varlioglu ’00, Diana Forman Campbell ’00, and Natalie Hartung Domaleski ’00.

  • Martin Rob Holland III ’00 recently accepted a new job with MassMutual as their Real Estate Director. Good luck on your new adventure! 

  • Marnie Henderson Alcock '01After graduating from Lake Forest College, Marnie Henderson Alcock ’01, pursued her passion for flying by completing her flight training in Arizona. As a member of Women in Aviation International (WAI), Alcock was one of two recipients of a Boeing 757/767 Type Rating scholarship sponsored by FedEx Express. She successfully completed this training during the fall of 2016 in Memphis and was hired as a Boeing 757 First Officer with FedEx. Marnie accepted a foreign duty assignment with FedEx and resides in Bonn, Germany with her family.

  • Are you a member of the class of 2003? Do you plan to attend your 15th college reunion in October? Your reunion planning committee, made up of Rudy Wise ’03, Tony Laurino ’03, Ben Auer ’03, Ebonye Bowie Reed ’03, and Derek Lambert ’03, hope to see you there!

  • Baby Reid-BleitnerOn April 2, 2018, Casey Reid ’05 and David Bleitner ’05 welcomed a baby girl, Bryce Hope Reid-Bleitner, to the world. Bryce joins her proud big brother Oliver (age 2).

  • Chris Polizzi ’05 recently took a new position a Safeties Coach, Co-Special Teams Coordinator and Recruiting Coordinator at The University of Tennessee-Martin; a Division I Football Program that competes in the Ohio Valley Conference. 


  • Nathan Schilling ’05, On May 16, 2018 Nathan was hired as the Superintendent of Schools for Lansing School District 158 in Lansing, Illinois. Below is a link to the press release:



    While at Lake Forest College, Nathan majored in both music and biology. He later taught both subjects in public schools before becoming a department chair, principal, and now superintendent. Nathan Schilling

  • Xavier JamesTiffany Delahanty Milliken ’05 and her husband welcomed Xavier James on Christmas Day weighing in at 7 lbs. 6 oz. and measuring 21 inches long. What an adorable addition to the Forester Family!

  • In March, Andrew Myers ’08 announced his candidacy for the House of Representatives for the 193rd District in Pennsylvania Republican primary on May 15. 

  • KristinKristin Carlstrom ’08 is happy to announce that she married her “college sweetheart,” Declan Mahoney ’07.  They had a lovely wedding surrounded by family and close friends – some of them, Foresters – in March 2018. Kristin is currently completing my first year of working as a speech language pathologist, having graduated with my master’s degree at the end of 2017.

  • The class of 2008 reunion planning committee, made up of Alex Demers ’08, Rachel Stickney ’08, Jessica Ferrell ’08, Nicole Baich ’08, Cait Chou ’08, Lauren Parker ’08, Caroline Lowry ’08, Ami Crawford ’08, Greg Reger ’08, David Kuriniec ’08, Chelsea Bonet ’08, Mia Hable ’08, Bilal Wilson ’08, Julie Harber ’08, Charlie Alves ’08, Vernard Lockhart ’08, and Fannie Kittoe ’08, are hard at work planning an exciting and memorable reunion. Save the date for October 12 and 13, more weekend details to come! 

  • GabriellaGabriella Gervasio ’09 recently accepted a position with D.C. Public Schools as the Manager of Elementary ELA Curriculum Development. DCPS has worked to create a curriculum that is culturally relevant and unique to the District. Over the course of the next two years, Gabriella will manage the process of further building it out, professionalizing it, and publishing it. Congrats, Gabriella! 

  • Laird Walker ’09 and his wife, Liz, moved to Kalamazoo in September of 2017 where he is currently enrolled in the Masters of Social Work Program at Western Michigan University. Laird Walker 

Notes from Classes of the 2010's

  •  Dr. Lauren Ferrell ’10, has graduated from residency at the University of Kansas School of Medicine – Wichita Family Medicine Residency Program at Smokey Hill – Salina.

  • Professor Michael H. Ebner and Tracy Schwartz '10Professor Michael H. Ebner and Tracy Schwartz '10Michael H. Ebner, James D. Vail III professor American history emeritus delivered a public lecture entitled “How the automobile revolutionized the American metropolis”  in Boise, Idaho on May 10 sponsored by the Organization of American Historians. Tracy Schwartz ’10 was present and participated in the program as a representative of the state’s department of transportation. 

  • Karen Larson Woodstone ’11 recently married her love, Keenan Beals, and we created a second last name to add to our current “maiden” names- Woodstone. We are currently living in Salem, MA. 

  • Khoogas Mekaelian ’11 recently began a new job as a Major League Baseball strength coach for the Houston Astros. Check out more about Khoogas here.

  • Zachary Kozak ’11 will be graduating from the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business this May with a Master’s in Business Administration. While at Notre Dame, Zachary concentrated in Consulting and Corporate Finance. He also took on several leadership positions where he served as President of the Consulting Club and Chairman of the Case Competition Committee. Beginning in August of 2018, Zachary will return to EY (Ernst & Young) in Chicago, where he interned over the summer, as a Senior Consultant within their Strategy & Customer consulting practice.

  • KjerstinCongratulations to Kjerstin Scheyer ’12, formerly known as Kjerstin Besser, on getting married in October 2017.

  • Alexander Andorfer ’13 graduated from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law in May 2018. She took the California bar exam is July 2018 and has since begun working at Goodwin Procter, LLP, in the firm’s Silicon Valley office, as a corporate associate. 

  • Cori and PaulCollege sweethearts, Cori Daizovi ’13, formerly Cori Cooper, and Paul Daizovi ’14 celebrate their September wedding surrounded by fellow Foresters! Congratulations to the Forester couple!

  • Hard to believe it’s been 5 years already, right Class of 2013? The 2013 reunion planning committee, made up of Brianna Lemond ’13, Jennifer Waldholtz ’13, J.J. Conoscenti ’13, Lindsay Wallaert ’13, Liana Simms ’13, Cori Daizovi ’13, Barbie Chapman ’13, Elizabeth Radtke ’13, and Chris Anderson ’13, is looking forward to seeing many of their classmates back to celebrate their 5 year reunion! Mark your calendars for October 12 and 13. 

  • SammieSammie Zender ’14 graduated nursing school in April and went on a medical mission trip to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. On this trip, over 2,000 adults and children were given medical services including medical, dental, and optical services. Sammie shared a photo with us of her while in Honduras.

  • Harris Miller ’15 recently took on a new job with Autohaus Automotive as a Client Experience Specialist. In his role, Harris is developing a social media marketing project to help the dealership reach out to the community and share our employees’ stories and successes. He also keeps busy by serving as a board member for the Morton Grove Historical Society where he manages their social media page and blog posts. Harris doesn’t stop there; he also serves as secretary for the Norwood Park Historical Society where he volunteers and also writes articles for their monthly and quarterly newsletters.

  • Grace Dowling ’16 - Following Grace’s internship at the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) she accepted an entry level offer to be the Rankings Coordinator for the WTA and has now been doing this for 6 months. Grace really enjoys it, “thanks Lake Forest College for all your help and support.”

  • A Fulani, nomadic ethnic group of cattle herders in West Africa, mother holds her baby. It is common for women to adorned in colorful fabrics and jewelry. A Fulani, nomadic ethnic group of cattle herders in West Africa, mother holds her baby. It is common for women to adorned in colorful fabrics and jewelry. Kayla Choun ’16 is currently serving in the Peace Corps in the West African country of Benin. She is on site in Ouassa-Pehunco, Atakora, Benin applying her economics and political science majors as she works on community economic development. Kayla works with a local NGO that advocates for women and children’s rights. Her work is usually completed in an office where she works with staff to enhance their computer Kayla visits the Python Temple in Ouida.Kayla visits the Python Temple in Ouida.skills and help with marketing campaigns. During her spare time, Kayla works on many small projects. She has a savings and loans group in a smaller village close by. In this group, she meets with women weekly and they collectively save their money and give loans to one another. Kayla shared with us this group has been working for about a year and has saved over $3,000! Kayla also works with students from high school where she mentors and monitor two female students schooling for the entire year. Kayla shared some photos with us that we hope you will enjoy. 

In Memoriam

  • Arthur W. Kick ’49 April 29, 2018

    Harry G. Meadows ’44 April 7, 2018

    Joseph W. Rose ’42  February 27, 2018

    Russell Nype ’43  Florida May 27, 2018

    Albert W. Beich ’49 June 24, 2018

    Harvey E. Obenauf ’49 July 11, 2018

    James J. King ’48 July 20, 2018

    Margaret Morgan ’47 August 1, 2018

    Bartl Main ’49 August 5, 2018

  • Walter D. Winney ’57 La Salle, Illinois March 21, 2018 

    James H. Chestnutt ’51 March 18, 2018

    Joan R. Chell ’51 March 14, 2018 

    Bessie T. Tsausis ’55 Gurnee, Illinois March 5, 2018 

    Jerry Rojo ’57 Storrs Manfield, Connecticut February 27, 2018 

    Sara Tyson Wolf ’52 February 22, 2018 

    Lois McGinty ’51 Harleysville, Pennsylvania February 17, 2018 

    Richard M. Walrath ’59 Westerly, Rhode Island February 13, 2018 

    Richard F. Megnniss ’59 February 4, 2018 

    Charles M. Walsh ’54 Barrington, Illinois February 2, 2018 

    Peggy Moraitis ’54 Modesto, California January 31, 2018 

    Gail R. Pratt ’54 Mirando City, Texas January 30, 2018 

    Richard J. Mandahl ’56 Lake Forest, Illinois January 26, 2018 

    John J. Harvey ’54 Montecito, California January 17, 2018 

    Mary L. Allen ’59 April 2, 2018

    Bruce C. Dennett ’54 Fallbrook, California April 22, 2018

    William A. Wolf ’52 June 12, 2018

    Peter J. Meyer ’50 July 7, 2018

    Russell T. FitzGerald ’55 August 8, 2018 

    James H. Schafehen ’50 September 4, 2018

    Nicholas J. Tragos ’50 Wilmette, Illinois September, 22, 2018

  • Florence Amzallag-Tatistcheff ’65 New York, New York April 7, 2017 

    Alison Abercrombie ’61 February 20, 2018 

    Michael C. Dunning ’67 Andover, Massachusetts January 6, 2018 

    Roger D. Ryan ’64 June 10, 2018

    Donald G. Knabe ’60 October 4, 2018

  • Peggy A. Lautenschlager ’77 Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin March 31, 2018 

    Virginia Addington ’78 Riverwoods, Illinois May 10, 2018

    David M. Strasser ’79 September 4, 2018