Tuition and Fees

All tuition and fees are due in full 14 days before registration unless enrolled in a monthly payment plan. Registration for subsequent semesters will not be permitted if payments are not up to date. 

Full-Time Student

  • Tuition and Fees 2016 - 2017 Semester Year
    Tuition $21,696 $43,392
    Activity fee $145 $290
    Health Center fee $117 $234
    Recreation and Fitness fee $100 $200
    Subtotal $22,058 $44,116
    On-Campus Resident Charges  
    Standard Room Rate* $2,342 $4,684
    Board (all meal plans) $2,563 $5,126
    Subtotal $4,905 $9,810
    Total Tuition and Charges $26,963 $53,926

    *A standard room is a double room in Lois, Blackstone, and Harlan; or a a quad room in Roberts, McClure, and Gregory. 

     Differential Room Charges
    Halls Semester Year
    Cleveland-Young, Deerpath, Nollen (Double or Triple) $2,655 $5,310
    Roberts, McClure, Gregory (Stairwell Single),  $2,819 $5,638
    Roberts, McClure, Gregory (Single)   $2,870 $5,740
    McClure, Gregory, Roberts (Super Double)   $2,973 $5,946
    Lois, Cleveland-Young, Deerpath, Harlan, Blackstone, Nollen (Single) Moore (Double) $3,085 $6,170
    Moore Hall Super Suite $3,190 $6,380
    Other Tuition Charges
    Tuition Per Course (exam credit included)                                 $5,424
    Auditor Tuition Per Course $400
    Course Overload Tuition (for more than 4 1/2 credits)  
    Per half-course credit $2,712
    Per quarter-course credit $1,356
    Community Education  
    Tuition per course $5,424
    Degree Candidacy Pending Student  
    Tuition per course $3,050
    Billing deposit    $200
    Dual High School Enrollment $3,050
    Master of Arts in Teaching  
    Tuition per course $3,325
    Post Graduate Teaching Option  
    Tuition per course $3,325
    Masters of Liberal Studies  
    Tuition per course $2,550
    Billing deposit    $200
    Other Expenses
    Student Health Insurance (mandatory unless waiver is completed and accepted by August 11, 2016)  
    Full year (12 months) $1,350
    Second semester only (Jan - Aug: Spring Semester Students Only)  $1,000 (est)
    Orientation Fee $200
    Senior Dues $100
    Music Lessons (per hour) $56
    Financial Aid Fee $20