Meet Rene Gomez

René Gomez ’06Rene Gomez

Assistant Director of Admissions

High School: Zion-Benton Township High School (Zion, IL)

College and Major: B.A. Lake Forest College (2006); Major in Spanish with Minors in Business and Physics

Working for the College Since:  2008

My Life Before Lake Forest:  After graduating from Lake Forest, I worked as an educational counselor for a non-for-profit scholarship foundation in the northern suburbs of Illinois. 

One Word or Phrase to Describe Myself:  Always laughing

Top 3 Reasons I Would Choose to Attend Lake Forest College:
1. Faculty always ready to lend a hand. When you email a professor and they reply at 11:30 p.m. the night before an assignment is due, that is true dedication to teaching.
2. Opportunity to expand your horizons. With exceptional study abroad and internship options, you can really step outside of your comfort zone and explore.
3. Student body that teaches you about life. With a diverse representation from different states and countries around the world… what better way to learn about different cultures than on our diverse campus?

What Character Traits Do I Appreciate in an Applicant: Ambitious, driven, organized, and demonstrates leadership.

What Makes the College Unique:  A great alumni network. With our strong alumni base across the country, you can find different mentors and alums that are willing to help you through the internship and job-search process.

Tip for the College Search: Stay positive and keep up your motivation to succeed.

Hint for Success:  Never make a decision just to get something done.

Favorite Activity in Chicago:  Seeing the Cubs at the legendary Wrigley Field and eating at my favorite Colombian and Cuban restaurants.

Favorite Place in the Town of Lake Forest:  Chiefs! The grilled chicken sandwich with street fries… You can’t go wrong.

A Fun Fact to Share:  After nine years of waiting, I became a Chicago Cubs season ticket holder in 2013. Go Cubs go!