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Meet Meredith DuMais

Meredith DuMaisMeredith DuMais

Associate Director of Admissions

High School: Mother McAuley High School (South Side of Chicago)

College and Major: B.A. Boston College (2006) / Major: Psychology & Women’s Studies; M.A. Boston College (2007) / Higher Education Administration

Working for the College Since:  2010

My Life Before Lake Forest:  I was an Admission Counselor at Suffolk University in Boston, MA, for 3 years. While I was a graduate student at Boston College, I worked part-time in the Admission Office there. 

One Word or Phrase to Describe Myself:  Compassionate and caffeinated!

Top 3 Reasons I Would Choose to Attend Lake Forest College:
1.  Chicago. With an amazing city like Chicago just 30 miles south of the College, you have easy access to an incredible array of social and cultural pockets in which to immerse yourself. Entertainment, food, history—it’s all just a train ride away!

2.  The people. As soon as you step foot onto the gorgeous campus, you are immediately surrounded by people from all over the world—fellow students, faculty, and staff alike. Everyone is there to ensure that you have the best and most successful experience possible, and that includes learning from each person’s unique perspectives and backgrounds.

3.  The opportunities. Whether it’s a class you want to take, an independent study you want to complete, a club or activity you want to join, the options are endless! A tight-knit community is waiting to support you in whatever you choose to pursue!

What Character Traits Do I Appreciate in an Applicant: Authenticity, initiative, and passion. Be yourself throughout the whole process, be proactive in getting your questions asked, and be proud of what you do! Everything gets noticed!

What Makes the College Unique: Where else will you find an Independent Scholar Program that allows  students to create their own majors, varsity football AND handball teams, and a Center for Chicago Program whose sole purpose is to bring Chicago to the College and Lake Forest students to Chicago?

Tip for the College Search: Think long and hard about the most important characteristics for you personally in your search. Do you want a big school? A small school? Do you want the opportunity to study abroad? Are research opportunities on the top of your list? Find some schools that match the most important criteria for YOU and you can’t go wrong.

Hint for Success:  “Be yourself and don’t allow the world to take control. Preserving your identity is life’s most precious goal (Bruce Wilmer).”

Favorite Activity in Chicago:  As the only White Sox fan in the office, I’d have to argue a Sox game at U.S. Cellular Field (affectionately and formerly known as Comiskey Park) surpasses a Cubs game any day, but I am also very partial to the Taste of Chicago in the summertime. Almost every Chicago restaurant is represented, and it’s awesomely delicious!

Favorite Place in the Town of Lake Forest: Having been twice in one day before, I have to recommend the Egg Harbor Café. Great breakfast and lunch! You can’t go wrong with Jolly Good Fellows for some frozen yogurt or cupcakes for dessert either!

A Fun Fact to Share:  I can say the alphabet backwards in 6 seconds.