Meet Bill Motzer

Bill MotzerBill Motzer

Vice President for Admissions and Career Services

High School:  Fisher, IL (Home of the Bunnies)

College and Major :  B.A. North Central College, M.B.A. Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

Working for the College Since:  1992

My Life Before Lake Forest:  Director of Admissions and football coach for 10 years at North Central and taught in the public school system for 3 years before coming to Lake Forest in 1992. 

One Word or Phrase to Describe Myself:  Optimistic

Top 3 Reasons I Would Choose to Attend Lake Forest College:
1.  Academic and intellectual growth facilitated by remarkably dedicated faculty and supported by our alumni network
2. A distinctly diverse community of students unlike any other college or university
3. The celebrated success of each individual student

What Character Traits Do I Appreciate in an Applicant: Students who are committed to their community, who take initiative to solve problems, and who accept the responsibility to make a difference in their own life and the lives of others.

What Makes the College Unique:  In addition to the active and engaging classroom experience, one-half of our graduates receive credit for independent research or independent study projects in which they work one-on-one with a faculty mentor. Our students pursue their own passions and interests.

Tip for the College Search: Think about your own educational values. Has a teacher influenced your life? Do you like to debate or ask questions in class? Have you independently pursued an academic interest? Find a college that fits your learning style and allows you the freedom to explore more deeply the areas of your own interest.

Hint for Success:  Get to know at least one professor well in every semester of college. You’ll leave with 8 remarkable advocates for your life.

Favorite Activity in Chicago:  Second City theater. The political and social sketch comedy launched SNL and is an icon in Chicago.

Favorite Place in the Town of Lake Forest:  The gorgeous beach and lakefront! 

A Fun Fact to Share:  The family photo includes Jennifer, my oldest daughter who serves Lake Forest College as the Associate Director of Admissions and Western Representative (based in Denver); Erin, a 2003 Lake Forest College graduate also making her home in Denver with her husband Eric and daughter Elyse; and Deb, my wonderful wife with whom I share the joys of life.