Students seeking readmission must formally reapply through the Admissions Office. Applications are expected to be submitted a minimum of four weeks prior to the start of the semester in which the student is applying to return.

Students should complete all of the below steps as it relates to him/her:

  1. Complete and submit a readmission application.
  2. Please complete an essay that addresses the following three topics:
  • The reasons and circumstances for your departure from Lake Forest College.
  • Your activities since leaving Lake Forest College, focusing on employment (include the names and addresses of your employers) and college-level academic work (an official transcript of such work must be sent to us before your application will be reviewed).
  • Your plans for future study at Lake Forest College.  Please indicate what changes have occurred that have prepared you to resume your undergraduate program of study.

The essay should be emailed directly to Kristin Sundberg.

3. Students who are presently enrolled in another institution are required to submit a complete official transcript from that institution at the time of application. The transcript should be sent to the Office of Admissions.

4. Students with a medical withdrawal must submit medical documentation as outlined in the withdrawal letter. In addition, upon submission of the application and other required documents, an appointment will made for the student to meet with the director of health & wellness.

5. If applying for financial aid, complete the required steps.

 Please note:  

  • Students on an official Leave Of Absence do not need to complete an application for re-admission. Contact Kristin Sundberg for assistance in returning to the College. 
  • All student accounts must be paid in full before an application for re-admission will be considered. Please contact Mohammed Ahmed, Student Accounts Representative, with any questions. 
  • In cases of suspension for academic reasons, students are not eligible for re-admission for at least six calendar months.
  • In cases of suspension for disciplinary reasons, eligibility for re-admission is stated at the time of suspension.