• “Work-Study” is simply an opportunity to have a part-time job while going to school. Jobs are in administrative offices, academic departments, the library, the sports center, campus security, and other campus locations.

    Federal Work-Study

    This need-based program is funded by the government and the College, and is awarded to eligible U.S. citizens and permanent residents. At this time, we expect to offer work-study funds to students who qualify for the Federal Pell Grant.

    Lake Forest College Work-Study

    This need-based program is funded by the College. It is awarded to international students who qualify and hold proper visa status and to students who do not qualify for federal work-study funds (on a very limited basis).

    How are students placed?

    You must have been awarded Federal Work-Study or Lake Forest Work-Study by the Office of Financial Aid in order to work on campus.

    Priority in placing students will be based on financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid, the date of receipt of all applications (admission, financial aid, work-study) and the date of their deposit made to the College.

    Students must complete employment forms in the Office of Business Affairs before beginning work (see link on right).

    Students are expected to treat their position like any other part-time job. Once a work schedule has been established, students are expected to show up at the agreed-upon times. Students who are unable to work at an assigned time are expected to inform his/her supervisor in advance. Repeated absences and other inappropriate conduct are not acceptable and are grounds for termination. 

    How much can be earned?

    Students who are eligible under either program are normally offered up to $2,500 for the year (10-12 hours per week) though the amount is not guaranteed. Once a student earns the amount offered, the College reserves the right to end that student’s employment for the year.

    Students who have not been offered funds from either program are generally not permitted to work on campus. (See Off-campus employment) If all eligible students have been placed in jobs and positions remain open, it is possible for others to be offered employment.

    Students are paid by check every two weeks, unless different arrangements have been made with the Office of Business Affairs.

Where are on-campus jobs available?

The departments shown below usually participate in the work-study program, though not will hire additional students. A brief description of the work to be performed is also shown. “Office work” involves filing, data entry, making and returning phone calls, photocopying, assisting with mailings, etc.

  • Academic Support:  office work
  • Admissions Office:  office work
  • Alumni & Development Office:  phone work for fund raising, office work
  • Art Department:  gallery attendant, office work
  • Biology Department:  lab assistant
  • Business Office:  office work
  • Career Advancement Center:  office work
  • Center for Chicago Programs
  • Chemistry Department:  lab assistant
  • Communications & Marketing Office:  researching / writing press releases, editing and proofreading, assisting with creative marketing to on-campus audiences, general office responsibilities
  • Community Education Department:  office work
  • Community Service (returning students only): various opportunities
  • Dean of the Faculty:  office work
  • Economics & Business Department:  office work, research
  • Education Department:  office work
  • English Department:  office work
  • Facilities Management Office:  office work, grounds work
  • Faculty Offices:  office work
  • Financial Aid Office:  office work
  • Gates Center for Leadership and Personal Growth:  office work, game room, film projection for on-campus movies
  • Health & Wellness Center:  office work
  • History Department:  office work, research
  • Ice Rink:  maintenance of the ice surface and the rink
  • Information Technology:  office work, computing assistant, computer technician, web consultant, networking assistant, switchboard operator
  • Intercultural Relations Office:  office work
  • Library:  acquisitions, archives, audiovisual, circulation, and reference
  • Mailroom:  window attendant, distributing mail (valid driver’s license)
  • Math & Computer Science Departments:  lab tutors, grading, computer hardware and software
  • Master’s of Liberal Studies Department:  office work
  • Modern Languages & Literatures Department:  office work
  • Music Department:  office work
  • Philosophy Department:  office work
  • Physics Department:  lab assistant
  • Politics Department:  office work, research
  • Psychology Department:  office work
  • Public Safety Office:  office work, student patrol, dispatcher
  • Religion Department:  office work
  • Sociology & Anthropology Department:  office work
  • Sports Center:  office work, laundry, building attendant, weight room attendant, team manager, trainer
  • Student Affairs Office:  office work
  • Theater Department:  ticket sales, costumes, set construction
  • Visual Communications:  assist with printing, copying, and faxing
Opportunities for Off-Campus Employment

Job opportunities exist in the community, although they are not considered “work-study” positions. Lake Forest College students have access to part-time jobs through QuadJobs, a free marketplace that connects local families and small businesses with Lake Forest College students seeking part-time employment. Students can find internships in ForesterLink, Lake Forest’s online career portal and job board.