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Outside Scholarships

As of the start of the fall semester, 80 Lake Forest students received over a quarter of a million dollars in private scholarship funds!

While we believe that the resources below are worthwhile, we do not guarantee the authenticity of the information or websites, and do not endorse the information or services offered. (See “Scams” info in the right column.)
Deadlines and other dates are assumed to be valid annually.

If you receive a scholarship, grant, or other aid from a source other than the College, please report the funds to the Office of Financial Aid. Such “outside scholarships” will normally reduce the amount your family pays or the loans you use. In some rare cases, it may affect your work-study eligibility and/or College need-based grants.

Upcoming Scholarship Pick(s):  

The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis

Amount:  varies

The Scholarship Foundation partners with community organizations, foundations, and corporations to aid students seeking college degrees with scholarships and grants. These are renewable awards that do not have to be repaid. Students are selected based on criteria specified by the donor, such as field of study, place of residence, participation in a specific youth program, and/or college the student is attending. Students can apply directly for many of these opportunities.

The Foundation also provides interest-free loans to students who demonstrate financial need.

Additional Details:  sfstl.org/financial-aid/student-loans-grants 

Ziprecruiter Scholarship

Amount:  $3000 

Who is Eligible:

  • be a legal resident of one of the fifty states or DC
  • be 18 years of age or older
  • be a student at an accredited high school, college or university

Deadline:  Dec 31

Additional Details: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/scholarship 

The Homer Fund (Home Depot) Scholarship

Amount:  $2500, offered to up to 1000 scholars

Who is Eligible:

  • be the dependent of a full- or part-time hourly associate of The Home Depot and its subsidiaries (Canada/Mexico) at the time of application; the parent/guardian must have been a Home Depot associate for at least one year as of November 1, 2018 and must be a Home Depot associate at the time the scholarship is awarded

  • be a current high school senior, or a current college student (FR - JR) planning to enroll as a full-time student in the fall of 2019

  • attend an accredited, non-profit two-or four-year college/university

Deadline:  January 22

Additional Details:  thdhomerfund.org/orangescholars/

Individual Scholarship Listing:

Over 350 scholarships offered by corporations, foundations, civic groups, etc. Download the list (Excel).

General Web Sites:

Consider creating a separate email address for scholarship searches, in case you get a lot of unwanted email.

Special Categories / Web Sites:

Several resources — Affordable Colleges Online, LearnHowToBecome and OnlineColleges.net — are not just for those attending online schools! Individual lists for many categories of students: women, African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and students with disabilities.

African American Students

Black College Dollars 

Herbert Lehman Educational Fund

United Negro College Fund

Asian Students

Asian Pacific Fund  

Asian American and Pacific Islander

Canadian Students

Canadian Students - begin on pg 12 scholarships for use at any college

CanLearn - Government of Canada 



Disabilities & Medical Conditions

Affordable Colleges Online

American Association on Health and Disability (Frederick J. Krause)


Children of Deaf Adults (CODA)


Cystic Fibrosis



Disability Scholarships, A-Z


Google Lime Scholarship

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Microsoft disAbility Scholarship

Multiple Sclerosis Society

Paralyzed Veterans of America


Spina Bifida Association

Through the Looking Glass (students with disabilities, and students whose parent has a disability)

Wells Fargo Schlrshp for People with Disabilities

Education Majors


Entrepreneurship Majors

James Rocco Quantitative Research Fellowship

LegalZoom Emerging Entrepreneur Scholarship


First Generation

Becas Univision

The Billings and Barrett First in Family Scholarship

Graduate Study

New, March! Law School


Hispanic Students

Becas Univision

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) 

Hispanic Scholarship Fund  -  dozens of scholarships for all grade levels

Hispanic Science Scholarships  -  National Alliance for Hispanic Health

Latino College Dollars  -  scholarship search

International Students  -  scholarship search


Scholarship For At Risk Youth


Scholarship search

Military Affiliation

AffordableColleges.com (general resource, various service branches)

Air Force - General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant 

American Legion child, (great)grandchild, WWI/II, Korea, Vietnam, etc

Amvets -  Illinois   National

Armed Forces Crossroads 


Coast Guard 

Department of Veteran’s Affairs  -  veterans/children

Iran & Afghanistan  -  if your parent died in service after 9/11

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation -  25 military-related resources  

Navy-Marine Corps 

Military Officers Association of America  - Veterans, family members

Paralyzed Veterans of America

Veteran’s Service Organizations 

Veterans United Foundation

VFW’s Sport Clips Help a Hero - separate fall/spring deadlines

VFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars 

Wells Fargo: Scholarship & Emergency Grant programs  

Yellow Ribbon Program - Lake Forest participates 

Native American Scholarships

American Indian College Fund 

American Indian Graduate Center

Bureau of Indian Education Grant Program (.pdf)

Bureau of Indian Education Scholarships     

Indian Health Service   

Native American Congressional Internship

Resource: Tracing your American Indian Ancestry

Udall Undergraduate Scholarship

Off-Campus Study

AIFS (American Institute For Foreign Study)

Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) - opens November 19 

Gilman Foundation

Grace Groner Scholarship

Institute of International Education  -  scholarships, fellowships, internships

Polish Descent

Polish American Congress

Polish Women’s Civic Club - as of 4/2018, appears to be discontinued

From Top Ten Online Colleges - 25 Scholarships for Polish Students

Single Parent

New (5/1) TopProducts Single Mother Scholarship 

State/Location Specific 

Arizona Students

Arkansas Students  - scholarship search

District of Columbia

Hawai‘i Students -  over 150 scholarships to pursue 

Illinois Students -  grants, loans, and scholarships for all grade levels

Illinois Students - Community Fndtn of Northern Illinois (NEW, Fall ’18)

Illinois, (Chicago Public Schools)  -  Wentcher Foundation

Indiana Students  -  grant and scholarship programs

Maine Students  -  links to 16 scholarships

Pennsylvania Students 

Rhode Island Foundation  

Rhode Island Student Loan Authority search

Tennessee Students - application cycle begins mid-January

Washington Students  -  scholarship search

State-Specific Aid Programs  -  going2college.org  and 
    Nat’l Assoc of State Student Grant & Aid Programs (NASSGAP) 

Transfer Students

Community College students  -  Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

Oakton Community College students  -  Wentcher Scholarship  

Phi Theta Kappa members - various awards, criteria, deadlines

Undocumented Students

DDLR Scholarship (open to Chicago Public School seniors)

DREAMers Roadmap  New, Nov 2017

Educators for Fair Consideration

Golden Door

Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund (’18-’19 version)

An undocumented student’s guide to college - IL

Private Scholarship Guide for undocumented students



New, June 2017 Affordable Colleges.com