Financial Aid Forms

You are not required to complete all forms.  Contact us if you are unsure what form(s) are needed.

2017–2018 Academic Year

Applications (U.S. citizens/permanent residents)

The CSS Profile is not required for U.S. citizens/perm residents. 

Priority Deadlines

  • New students - January 15 (IL);  February 15 (non-IL) extended!
  • Returning students - January 15 (IL residents);  February 1 (non-IL)

Special Circumstance Forms    

Priority Deadline: New Students, Dec 1; Returning Students, Feb 1 

  • Please complete any applicable form(s) only if your cost exceeds the minimum amount shown. Return them to the Office of Financial Aid. If possible, save as a .pdf and send by email. You may also fax or send by mail to the number/address on the form.
    • Educational Expenses - parent paying $2000+ for him/herself or your sibling (grades K-12 only) during 2017-2018 academic year
    • Educational Loans - parent paying $2000+ toward loans in 2017 for which they are the borrower
    • Healthcare Expenses - parent paying $3000+ in 2015, 2016, or 2017, which are not paid with “pre-tax” dollars
    • Unusual Expenses - parent paying $2000+ for childcare, funeral, legal, etc. in 2016 or 2017


Verification Worksheets & Other Documents

2016–2017 Academic Year


Informational Documents

Loan Forms

Cancel, decline, decrease or increase an existing loan

Special Circumstance Forms 

Please contact our office to request the appropriate form(s).


Verification Worksheets


Documenting 2015 Income

  • Best Option: use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool/DRT (video or .pdf). It is not available in the following circumstances: 
    • a married student/parent filed separate tax returns
    • a student or his/her parents have had a change in marital status after December 31, 2015
    • a student or his/her parent filed an amended tax return
    • a student or his/her parent filed a foreign tax return

  • If you cannot use the DRT: request a Tax Return Transcript (TRT)

Satisfactory Academic Progress (“SAP”)

  • Detailed information about this policy can be found here.
  • SAP Appeal Form - for returning students who do not meet the satisfactory academic progress standards and wish to appeal.