The FAFSA is used to apply for need-based aid (grants, loans, work-study) if you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.  It allows us to determine if you qualify for aid from the College, federal government and your state.

If the amount you pay for college will be a factor in deciding where you enroll, we recommend that you complete the FAFSA even if you do not think you will qualify, and even if you have not yet been admitted. 

Important: if you will enroll in August 2015, be sure to complete the 2015-2016 FAFSA.

  • General Notes about the FAFSA:

    1. The web address is www.fafsa.gov.
    2. Our Federal School Code is 001706.
    3. The FAFSA is not required if you are applying only for scholarships.
    4. Complete the application as early as possible (see our priority deadlines), even if you have not completed your tax return and even if you have not yet been admitted. Applications will be accepted after the priority deadlines, but your aid may be affected.
    5. See “Our Recommendations” for tips and other important details.
    6. In addition to the FAFSA, new students seeking need-based aid are to complete the 

      Financial Aid FastApp by January 31.

Check out these helpful tools…all are optional!  

  • Video of the financial aid process; great if this is new to you. 
  • Video through the FAFSA, step-by step* (view any time)
  • Webinar: go through the FAFSA, line-by-line (Tues, Feb 3, 6 p.m.)
  • FAFSA Worksheet: see the questions that take time to research
  • Video* & .pdf of the Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) process, step-by-step

 * provided courtesy of UC SantaBarbara; current videos show the 2014-2015 FAFSA, but they are still very helpful