Community Education

Those who wish to enroll at Lake Forest College, but who do not necessarily intend to graduate from here, may enroll as a non-degree community education student.

The following categories are available to students wishing to study at at Lake Forest.  Applicants for any of these categories complete the Community Education Application and must submit the appropriate transcript(s).


Community members are welcome to audit most courses offered at Lake Forest.  Auditors are not required to submit a transcript. The cost to audit is $400 per class.

Non-Degree for Credit

Many options are available.  Students may take classes to work towards a bachelor’s degree or to prepare for graduate study.  Students of all ages are welcome,

Students may apply as a community education student but admission does not grant the student degree-seeking status. Students may take courses on a part-time or full-time basis and their continued enrollment is conditional upon attaining satisfactory progress. All credits earned may be applied toward a degree at Lake Forest College.The Office of Admissions will review a student’s performance at the end of each semester. Students who demonstrate the ability to complete their coursework successfully may submit a change of status application to become fully matriculated students. Please contact Kris Sundberg in the Office of Admissions for details.  

Students may take courses to fulfill requirements at another university or college, Students who wish to transfer those courses to another college or university should contact that institution regarding the school’s transfer policy. 

Dual Enrollment 

Students currently enrolled in high school may apply to take courses at Lake Forest while they are enrolled in high school.  A reduced tuition rate is offered. All credits earned may be applied toward a degree at Lake Forest College. 

 Community Education Application

Graduate Programs

The College also offers two graduate programs, a Master of Liberal Studies and a Master of Arts in Teaching

Community Events

Community members may also be interested in lectures and other campus events.  Details are available on our events calendar