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Fall Admitted Students

Dates and Deadlines

Congratulations! We will be communicating with you about all the steps you need to take prior to arriving on campus—so relax and take a breath!

Deadlines and expected dates for when you will be sent communications from the College will be updated on this page as they become available. Check back often and be sure to check your spam folder—just in case.

(Students submitting enrollment deposits during the summer will be receiving all relevant forms and emails in the days following receipt of the deposit.) 

  • Final transcript and good standing
    Lake Forest College offers of admission are always contingent upon receiving final transcript(s) showing acceptable academic performance and no disciplinary issues. We do reserve the right to rescind the offer of admission if academic or disciplinary concerns are presented at any time during the admission and enrollment process.


  • Special Needs Accommodations
    If applicable to you, complete the Special Needs Accommodations FormThe form and all required documentation are necessary for those requesting a documentation for housing, medical, or academic reasons. 

  • Academic Advising Survey— After  you submit your enrollment deposit you will receive a survey regarding your academic interests. 
    First-Year Academic Survey 
    Transfer Academic Survey

  • First-Year Studies Selections
    If you are a first-year student, one of your fall classes will be a first-year studies course. Details will be emailed to you in early May about selecting your top preferences.

  • Get your Lake Forest College email address and computing instructions
    Computing instructions are emailed in May or three days after a deposit is submitted if after May 10. Students are cyber-connected on campus three ways: via a Lake Forest email address; on Moodle, the course management system; and on my.lakeforest, our Intranet portal for registering and managing your account. It’s important that you do not change any passwords for these accounts until you arrive on campus in August.

  • Health History Form
    This form will be emailed to you with instructions and must be completed and submitted by August 1.
    Due Date: August 1

  • Emergency Contact Form
    A link to this form will be emailed you. The form must be completed and submitted no later than August 1.
  • Housing Application
    If you plan to live on campus, you will receive an email with the link to the housing application. Review the Housing application instructions (be sure to scroll through the form). 


  • Take the Quantitative Readiness Assessment  (QRA)
    We’ve devised this short assessment to help you and your advisor choose appropriate classes for the fall semester. No worries — there’s no credit given and it’s not graded. However, it’s required to have this completed before you chat with your advisor. (If you’re a transfer student, talk to your advisor before you take the test - depending on your background, you may not need to take it.) Details will be emailed to you on May 31.  
  • Take the Science Placement Assessment (SPA)
    Any student who wants to take biology or chemistry in their first year must take the science placement assessment. This includes pre-health, biology, chemistry, and neuroscience intended majors. The College uses these results and other factors to help properly advise you into the science courses for which you will be most successful. Instructions and the link will be emailed to you. (If you’re a transfer student, talk to your advisor before you take the test - depending on your background, you may not need to take it.) 

  • Tuition Statement, Health Insurance Waiver, and Forester Payment Plan
    You will be sent a notice in early June when tuition bills are available online. The Forester Payment Plan is a handy tool for spreading your tuition bill over the year. You can sign up anytime after you get your bill. Learn more here.

  • First-Year Studies Announcement
    Information will be mailed to you regarding your first-year studies placement along with details from your advisor regarding registering for your remaining classes. 
  • Housing Assignment
    We know you’re excited to learn about your new roommate(s)! Check your email as this is the time housing assignments are sent out. The details will be sent only to your Lake Forest email account. 

  • Transfer Advisor Assignments
    Transfer students check your email! You will receive your advisor assignments via email. 
  • Advising Period
    Be prepared with your course choices and questions. This is when you will be in contact with your advisor regarding the appropriate courses to select. First-year students, be sure you have taken the QRA and the SPA before you contact your advisor. 


  • Registration for Pathway Scholars and Transfer Students  An email will be sent as to when and how to register for courses. You will have been in touch with your advisor prior to registering.
  • Introduction to AlcoholEdu and Haven Part 1
  • Decide if You Want to Attend First Connection Pre-Orientation
    First Connection pre-orientation helps international students and those who are traditionally underrepresented in higher education make a successful transition to life at Lake Forest. It is optional for domestic students and required for international students. If you go to First Connection you also must attend New Student Orientation. 


  • AlcoholEdu and Haven Part I 
    All students are required to take the online courses. Details are provided via email early July. 

Classes start August 30
and the adventure begins!