Fall Admitted Students

First-Year Registration

Here’s all you need to know about registering for courses.

1. Review your First-Year Studies assignment letter.

In late May, you will receive a letter and email from the professor who will teach the first-year studies course to which you have been assigned. He or she will also be your first-year advisor. Read more about First-Year Studies

2. Take the Quantitative Readiness Assessment June 2–20

We’ve devised this short assessment to help you and your advisor choose appropriate classes for the fall semester. No worries — there’s no credit given and it’s not graded. Make sure to have this completed before you chat with your advisor. Learn more about the Quantitative Readiness Assessment. 

3. Take the Science Placement Assessment June 2-20

The Science Placement Assessment opens June 2. Any student who wants to take biology or chemistry in their first year must take the science placement assessment. This includes pre-health, biology, chemistry, and neuroscience intended majors. The College uses these results and other factors to help properly advise you into the science courses for which you will be most successful. 

  • You will be given 20 minutes to complete 20 multiple choice algebra and geometry questions. If you have documented accommodations that allow you extra time on tests, please contact Teryn Robinson (robinson@lakeforest.edu) in order to receive time and a half on this assessment.
  • You should plan to have an uninterrupted period of about 25 minutes, free from distractions, in which to log on and take the assessment
  • You should not receive assistance with any questions on the assessment. Such assistance will invalidate the results and may lead to incorrect advising. You do not want to find your way into a college-level science class if you are not adequately prepared. 

You will not be allowed to register for any biology or chemistry courses until you have taken the Science Placement Assessment. 

4. Prepare to choose your three remaining fall courses.
Course offerings for fall can be found on my.lakeforest.edu (requires login with your College email name and password).
It might be particularly helpful browse the course schedules organized by academic department  (for example, chemistry, politics, religion) to see the wide variety of courses open to you. Also look through the list of first-year oriented/open courses.
Locate the link to the fall course schedule. This is a listing of all the fall courses. As a first-year student, you should take primarily 100- and 200-level courses. Courses that have the symbol “F” on the right side of the page are specifically designed for first-year students, and therefore especially appropriate for you.
Here are a few additional helpful steps:
5. Contact and consult your advisor.
June 20–July 3

Contact can be in the form of email or phone call, and it can be initiated by you or the professor. Don’t wait for him or her to contact you; take the initiative and make an early good impression.Your advisor will help you decide which courses to take in the fall. He or she will discuss with you your interests, abilities, and desired majors, as well as answer questions you have about prerequisites, courses, any AP or IB credits you may have, and whether you should take a placement test. 

6. Register for your three remaining fall courses.
July 12–26

You will register online by logging into the my.lakeforest portal using your Lake Forest College username and password. 

Once you login using your Lake Forest College username and password, please make sure to read the Registration Guide on the front page of the Students tab under “Important Documents” before proceeding.