Beyond the Classroom

March 2015 Volume 11

Super Freshmen 
James Haney and Tara Gloystien 


March 2014 Volume 10

A Day in the Life of an Orthopedic Surgeon
Alyssa Tunison

From the Liberal Arts to an MD/PhD
Jyothis James

Learning Beyond the Classroom
Devyn Lerner

Mental Illness and the Prison System: A Student’s Journey
Sarah Smolyansky

School Assignment Grows Into Career Opportunity
Maria Basith

A Summer in the Lab
Fatima Hooda, Jyothis James, Keke Roberts

Nu Ro Psi-ence
Katrina Campbell

March 2013 Volume 9


Leicester,Devons, and Bantams…Oh My!

Alexus Urbanik

Overcoming fears, slithering to new heights, and having a blast!

Nicole Vachter

The Quest in Dental Networking

Kyriaki Ades


March 2012 Volume 8


Writing from Every Angle

Daniella Brutman

How to Modify Your Brain to Become a Kiwi: Reflections of a Pseudo-Kiwi Neuroscience Major on a Semester Spent in Aotearoa

Natalie Kukulka

Kookaburra Sits in an Old Gum Tree While Students Study Below

Nicole Vachter


March 2011 Volume 7

2011 Eukaryon Cover

My Life as a Lab Rat: Participating in a Long-term Longitudinal Study

Julia Coltri

The Furry Side of Medicine: The Life of a Veterinary Intern

Alex Reeder and Allie Urbanik

Adventures in a Lithuanian Hospital: Pathway to a Future Decision

Paulius Kuprys

March 2010 Volume 6

2010 Eukaryon Cover 2

Biology Students Going Green: HFH Service Trip

Ashleigh Porter

Prerequisite to a Career: Experiencing Careers through an Internship

Keith Solvang

Cutting into the Medical Field: Shadowing Surgeons

Brittany Stern and Keith Solvang

More than a Shadow: Entering the Medical Field as an EMT

Brittany Stern

March 2009 Volume 5

2009 Eukaryon Cover

Shadowing - An Imperative Experience for All Pre-Med


Yama Naser Ahmad and Mona Sobhani 

Lions and Tigers and…SNAKES? A Summer Spent at the Wildlife Discovery Center, the Middlefork Savanna,and the Importance of these Institutions to the Study of Conservation Biology 

Terese Noe   

March 2008 Volume 4

2008 Eukaryon Cover

A Forester in Ghana: one Biology Student’s Experience Teaching

Science To African Children

Jillian Olejnik

February 2007 Volume 3

2007 Eukaryon Cover

Clinical Shadowing: A Worthwile Experience for all Premeds

Lokesh Kukreja

 January 2006 Volume 2

2006 Eukaryon Cover

Summer Research: Exploring Careers, Strengthening Portfolios

Jessica Price and Michael Zorniak