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Beyond the Classroom

March 2016 Volume 12

Cultivating the Future of Neuroscience
Yuliya Zayats

Innovate Summer Experience: Examining alpha-Synuclein Nitration in Parkinson’s Disease
Yuliya Zayats

Pills or Plants
Peyton Schrag

The Road to Crystallizing the hERG Pore
Lindsay Hartup


March 2015 Volume 11

Super Freshmen 
James Haney and Tara Gloystien 


March 2014 Volume 10

A Day in the Life of an Orthopedic Surgeon
Alyssa Tunison

From the Liberal Arts to an MD/PhD
Jyothis James

Learning Beyond the Classroom
Devyn Lerner

Mental Illness and the Prison System: A Student’s Journey
Sarah Smolyansky

School Assignment Grows Into Career Opportunity
Maria Basith

A Summer in the Lab
Fatima Hooda, Jyothis James, Keke Roberts

Nu Ro Psi-ence
Katrina Campbell

March 2013 Volume 9


Leicester,Devons, and Bantams…Oh My!

Alexus Urbanik

Overcoming fears, slithering to new heights, and having a blast!

Nicole Vachter

The Quest in Dental Networking

Kyriaki Ades


March 2012  Volume 8


Writing from Every Angle

Daniella Brutman

How to Modify Your Brain to Become a Kiwi: Reflections of a Pseudo-Kiwi Neuroscience Major on a Semester Spent in Aotearoa

Natalie Kukulka

Kookaburra Sits in an Old Gum Tree While Students Study Below

Nicole Vachter


March 2011  Volume 7

2011 Eukaryon Cover

My Life as a Lab Rat: Participating in a Long-term Longitudinal Study

Julia Coltri

The Furry Side of Medicine: The Life of a Veterinary Intern

Alex Reeder and Allie Urbanik

Adventures in a Lithuanian Hospital: Pathway to a Future Decision

Paulius Kuprys

March 2010  Volume 6

2010 Eukaryon Cover 2

Biology Students Going Green: HFH Service Trip

Ashleigh Porter

Prerequisite to a Career: Experiencing Careers through an Internship

Keith Solvang

Cutting into the Medical Field: Shadowing Surgeons

Brittany Stern and Keith Solvang

More than a Shadow: Entering the Medical Field as an EMT

Brittany Stern

March 2009 Volume 5

2009 Eukaryon Cover

Shadowing - An Imperative Experience for All Pre-Med


Yama Naser Ahmad and Mona Sobhani 

Lions and Tigers and…SNAKES? A Summer Spent at the Wildlife Discovery Center, the Middlefork Savanna,and the Importance of these Institutions to the Study of Conservation Biology 

Terese Noe   

2008 Fall Seminar Series

Julian McLain

Richter Scholar Program: Independent Undergraduate Research at Lake Forest College

Ashleigh Porter

March 2008 Volume 4

2008 Eukaryon Cover

A Forester in Ghana: one Biology Student’s Experience Teaching

Science To African Children

Jillian Olejnik

A Day with a Leading Scientist: Susan Lindquist

Lokesh Kukreja

Volwiler Lecture: Dr. Joan Steitz Uncovers an Extra Step in the Central Dogma

Stephanne Levin

Spring Seminar Series Educates Students on What’s New in Research

Jillian Olejnik

An Unconscious Bias Holds Women Back in Science

Laura Thilgen 

February 2007 Volume 3

2007 Eukaryon Cover

Clinical Shadowing: A Worthwile Experience for all Premeds

Lokesh Kukreja

Series of Formal Talks Launched

Mithaq Vahedi

 January 2006 Volume 2

2006 Eukaryon Cover

Summer Research: Exploring Careers, Strengthening Portfolios

Jessica Price and Michael Zorniak