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Eukaryon Volume 8

Table of Contents

Volume 8, March 2012

Eukaryon is published by students at Lake Forest College, who are solely responsible for its content. The views expressed in Eukaryon do not necessarily reflect those of the College. Articles published within Eukaryon  should not be cited in bibliographies. Material contained herein should be treated  as personal communication and should be cited as such only with the consent of  the author.

Front Cover: Artwork by Jasmine Perry ’13. The front cover illustrates our issues theme of “Branching Out.” The idea of “branching out” relates to the importance of searching for new horizons and attempting to understand the connections between seemingly
different subjects, people or ideas within the world. The sciences are all separated into different disciplines, but between each form of scientific exploration exists an interwoven network.

ISSN 1937-2604

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