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Writing Center

Meet Our Tutors

  • Caitlin Brown ’18

    Major: English and Communication

    Academic Interests: Mysticism, Social activism in China, South American literature, Film composing, 19th Century French Poetry, Surrealist Art Movement, 20th Century American literature, Media Law

    Leadership and Involvement: Presidential Scholarship, Carnegie Writing Scholarship, Richter Scholar Program, Asian Club, Stentor staff writer, English department research assistant 

    Tutoring Philosophy: I struggled with writing in my early high school years and had to adopt the “try and fail” method to become a successful writer. I now love writing and want to help others become comfortable with its process and perhaps even find their own passion for writing.

  • Claire Grebner ’20

    Major: Sociology & Anthropology and Politics

    Leadership and Involvement: Alpha Phi Omega, Zumba and fitness classesl; Secretary of Alpha Phi Omega

    Academic Interests: Spanish language and culture, film and cinema studies, contemporary social issues, linguistic studies

    Tutoring Philosophy: I tutor because I know the difficulties associated with writing. If I can assist at all in taking away some of the stress of writing, I will do my best to do so. Writing is applicable to almost any academic discipline, so knowing how to write is an essential skill that tutors can help develop and bring out in other writers. I want my clients to leave with a heightened sense of confidence after working with me. I want them to see me as a writing buddy who is on their side. I always try to incorporate a little bit of fun into my sessions to make writing seem less like a scary hurdle but more like a task they can conquer and excel in.

  • Emily Murman ’18

    Majors: English Writing and Studio Art

    Academic interests: Mixed media illustration, French film, poetry, classic literature

    Leadership and Involvement: The Inversions, French Club, Phi Sigma Iota International Foreign Language Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society, Calvin C. Durand Art Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, Rosemary Cowler Scholarship, published in Teen Ink Magazine, published in Tusitala, illustrations commissioned though Lake Forest College Press for Two Short Plays by Kenneth Sawyer Goodman, artwork on display in Chicago’s Union Station as part of the Digital Chicago: Unearthing History and Culture exhibit, Arts Unlimited Award 2015; John Hersey High School Writing Well tutor, executive board member for Tusitala

    Tutoring Philosophy: I tutor because I love watching the clients become more confident writers. The tutoring process also gives me a greater sense of confidence in my own writing and professional experience that will be valuable in the future. After we work together, I want my clients to feel more confident in their ability to combine their ideas, arguments, and analyses with specific writing skills to create professional, polished work.

  • Grace Baumann ’18


    Major: Philosophy

    Academic Interests: Environmental Psychology, Philosophical controversy, Cultural studies

    Leadership and Involvement: Richter Scholar 2015, Deans List, Active member of Alpha Phi Omega, Archivist and DJ for WMXM, Member of the club rugby team

    Tutoring Philosophy: Writing is part of what makes us human. Without the skills to effectively convey thought, meaning, and opinion to others, why write at all? I tutor to help clients feel as though they can cover a blank page with something they can be proud of. 


  • Jacob Badagliacco ’19

    Majors: Communication and Environmental Studies

    Academic interests: Climate Change, Earth Sciences, Film Production, Media Analysis, Museum Studies

    Leadership and Involvement: Student Ambassador, Percussionist in Concert Band, President of LFC Gaming Club, Vice President of the League of Legends Club, Treasurer of League for Environmental Awareness and Protection, Honors Fellow, Presidential Scholarship Recipient

    Tutoring Philosophy: I feel that everyone has the ability to become successful writers, and I enjoy assisting clients with developing their writing into something that they can be proud of creating.

  • Kyle Sarabia ’18


    Major: Politics

    Academic Interests: American Law, Social Theory, Deviance, Forensic Psychology, Contemporary Philosophy

    Leadership and Involvement: LEAP, CHIC, CLC, Photography Club, Dean’s List, Presidential Scholarship, Patterson Academic Scholarship, Honors Fellow, Secretary of CHIC, College Life Committee Student Representative

    Tutoring Philosophy: I believe there is a certain power within one’s writing from commandeering words, inspiring emotions, and developing strength. In the English language, everything is a simple combination of twenty-six letters. All the most beautiful and provoking English writings came about from these twenty-six letters, which are available to anyone and everyone. Developing the capability to harness the potential of these letters can bring about confidence, something I believe you need in everything you do, wherever you go. I tutor because I want to see my clients grow, succeed, and be confident in their words and themselves.

  • Margo La Clair ’19

    Major: International Relations and Economics

    Academic Interests: International politics, studio art (painting and figure drawing), Spanish language, and art history (High Renaissance to early Cubism)

    Leadership and Involvement: Honors Fellow, Presidential Scholarship, Durand Scholarship, and 2016 Richter Scholar

    Tutoring Philosophy: I struggled with writing for quite some time, as I lacked any confidence in my own writing ability. I was eventually able to gain confidence, and I hope to make my clients more confident and comfortable with the writing process.

  • Matt Black ’19

    Majors: Business and Communication

    Academic interests: Pre-war antebellum American history, the relationship between media technologies and human communication, advertising and marketing research

    Leadership and Involvement: Delta Chi Fraternity Scholarship Chair, Lambda Pi Eta Communication National Honor Society

    Tutoring Philosophy: I used to struggle as writer because I lacked confidence in what I had to say. I was able to overcome this lack of confidence throughout my later years of high school, but I still feel this experience helps me relate to all of my clients. I hope to make my clients more confident in their ability to present a logical, well-organized argument.

  • MP Zwane ’18

    Majors: Communication and Politics

    Academic Interests: Social justice and human rights in conservative and oppressive regimes, Global politics and international relations, Entrepreneurship, Public speaking, Communication

    Leadership and Involvement: Umoja member, Intramural Soccer, Intramural Badminton, Former Umoja President, Vice-President, and Treasurer; Former CHIC Fashion Club Events Coordinator, Men’s/Woman’s Soccer webcaster, First-Connection Mentor, international student from Swaziland 

    Tutoring Philosophy: I was once a freshman that believed I could write well, yet I found it challenging to effectively convey this “ability” in my papers. I quickly learned that writing at the college level is much harder than I initially thought, but I believe the potential for good writing is in each and every college student. The Writing Center does not merely aim to teach, but the Writing Center provides students with a mirror in which to reflect on their writing ability. Ultimately, our achievements in Writing Center sessions are the client’s own triumphs. Therefore, I became a tutor because I want clients to eventually develop useful tips for independent writing, and I want to see all our clients succeed.

  • Rebecca Reitemeier ’20

    Major: English

    Academic Interests: English Creative Writing, Editing and Publishing, Studio Art (figure drawing), Digital Media Entertainment

    Leadership and Involvement: Women’s Choir, SWAN, WMXM DJ, Painted Turtle Cinema Society, Presidential Scholarship

    Tutoring Philosophy: As the chef says in Disney’s Ratatouille, “Anyone can cook.” I think this also applies to writing; anyone can write. Being able to communicate ideas clearly and efficiently is a vital part of life in a digital age, so I hope to help my peers hone their writing skills so that they can leave LFC feeling like they have all the tools and confidence they need to share their ideas and experiences with the wider world.

  • Shannon Dacey ’19

    Majors: Elementary Education and English Writing

    Academic Interests: Educational philosophy, educational technology, English literature, American literature, Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, H.G. Wells, contemporary poetry, Spanish, world history, American politics, Earth science, Surrealist painters

    Leadership and Involvement: Presidential Scholarship, Carnegie Writing Scholarship

    Tutoring Philosophy: Initially, I wanted to tutor because I believed I could acquire some experience in teaching. But now, I understand that tutoring is a peer mentorship. While I help my clients add more to their repertoire of writing skills, I am also learning how to think critically about my own writing. When I was a freshman, I gained a lot more confidence in my writing from visiting the Writing Center. I want my clients to feel more comfortable with writing and to be confident about their writing style. I aim to not only help them adjust to writing at the college level, but also to develop a love of writing for academic and recreational purposes.

  • Sophie Mucciaccio ’18

    Major: English Literature

    Academic Interests: English literature (especially Jane Austen), Period films, The Liberal Agenda, global political systems

    Leadership and Involvement: Women’s Choir, Richter Scholar, Honors Fellow, Presidential Scholarship

    Tutoring Philosophy: I believe that everyone is capable of formulating his or her own unique and insightful ideas. I tutor to help others express themselves effectively on paper and become confident in their own intellectual abilities. You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to if you have the right resources at hand!

  • Tom Steen ’18

    Major: Psychology and Neuroscience

    Academic Interests: Anything that has to do with how the brain works, cognitive psychology, sensations and perceptions

    Leadership and Involvement: Team recognition manager for Relay for Life, Football, Rugby, Athletic Council

    Tutoring Philosophy: I tutor because I want others to be able to pick out their ideas and connect them to make a very clear, logical argument. I want my clients to be able to write papers that have arguments that are clear enough for anyone to read and understand what they are trying to say.


  • Tracy Koenn ’18

    Major: English Literature and Politics

    Academic Interests: The American political system, political philosophy and theory, different types of music and the accompanying movements, art history and art movements, Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, and all spans and periods of literature

    Leadership and Involvement: Presidential scholarship, Patterson scholarship, Kappa Alpha Theta, Umoja, Panhellenic Association, OCM staff writer,  Dean’s list, Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society, Pi Sigma Alpha Politics Honors Society

    Tutoring Philosophy: I tutor because I gain insight from human connection: every time I have a session with a client, we mutually reveal ideas that help us expand our knowledge while also developing our writing and critical thinking skills. 

  • Tubanji Walubita ’19

    Majors: Biology and Gender & Sexuality Studies

    Academic interests: Disparities in healthcare among racial and ethnic minorities, the underrepresentation of women in health science research, queer theory

    Leadership and Involvement: SWAN, UBA, Umoja, Ally Member, Presidential Scholarship, Patterson Academic Scholarship, Professor K. Roth Annual Scholarship, Honors Fellow, Richter Scholar, Dean’s List, BIO 120 Peer Mentor

    Tutoring Philosophy: I appreciate the power of writing and its ability to convey information in a way that transcends time and place. As a tutor, I want to enable my clients with the skills necessary to create clear and professional written works that they can be proud of years after their time at Lake Forest College.