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Read on for tips and information about general writing processes that you can integrate into your course design and class instruction.

Teaching Argument Structure

Building a Good Thesis Statement (PDF)

A handout to guide students in generating and developing thesis statements containing definitions, examples, and revision strategies. Also details the difference between thesis and purpose statements.

Handout on Thesis Statements and Arguments (PDF)

Developed by Assistant Professor Josh Corey, summarized from Diane Hacker’s Writing About Literature. Presents concepts and examples for theses, as well as a discussion on forms of argument.

Thesis Statement Workshop (PDF)

Developed by Assistant Professor Rachel Whidden, this is an in-class workshop exercise with thesis statement and argument samples.

Sample Peer Editing Exercise (PDF)

Teaching Students to Read Analytically in Order to Write Analytically

Moving from Reading to Write Notes to Topic Sentences (PDF)

A practical tool with tips and strategies for helping students move from analytical reading to reading-to-write notes, evidence charts, and topic sentences.

Teaching Critical Reading (PDF)

Advice on how to prepare and demonstrate critical reading in class.

Teaching Students to Edit for Grammar and Style

Thirteen Most Frequent Errors in Grammar and Punctuation

A chart detailing errors in grammar and punctuation with relevant pages of the Diana Hacker Style Guide.

Grammar/Style Chart with References, Exercises, and Examples (PDF)

An extended chart containing common errors, examples, tips and references, and links to online exercises.

10 Tips for Effective Editing (PDF)

Accompanied by explanations and references to Strunk & White’s Elements of Style.

Suggestions for Developing a Grammar Grading Philosophy (PDF)

A chart detailing three different approaches to grading grammar and suggestions for how to combine them. 

Using Gender-neutral Pronouns in Academic Writing

Five ways to avoid gender bias as a writer and three additional resources.

Teaching the Research Paper and Process

Stages of the Research Paper (PDF)

Delineates five stages of the research process, detailing goals, helpful strategies, and outcomes for each stage. 

Assignment: CWR100 Research Paper (PDF)

A look at the revisions of a College Writing 100 research paper assignment with comments on the pros and cons of different edits.

APA In-Text Citation Handout and Exercises (PDF)

Developed for CWR100, it contains the highlights of APA in-text citation and practice exercises.

Teaching with Response Papers

Understanding and Re-Inventing the Response Paper (PDF)

Contains a discussion of the concept of the response paper, its specific use in Lake Forest College, strategies to re-focus the response paper, and tips on assigning it.

Assignment: CWR100 Response Paper on Waiting For Superman (PDF)

A look at the multiple revisions of a College Writing 100 response paper assignment with comments on the pros and cons of different structures.

Assignment and Student Model: ART 325 Response Paper on Women, Art, and Society (PDF)

Assignment: Chemistry 107 (PDF)

 Assignment Design Models and Tips

Principles of Assignment Writing (PDF)

General suggestions to improve the overall clarity and effectiveness of written assignments.

8 Types of College-Level Writing Assignments (PDF)

Crafting a Good Prompt (PDF)

Short Writing Assignment Tips (PDF)

A short list of key elements short assignments should contain.

Informal Writing Assignments (PDF)

Examples of different kinds of informal writing exercises and ways in which they can be utilized in class.

Sample Assignments from Lake Forest College Courses

Writing Center Tutor Guide for BIO 346 Writing Assignment (PDF)

A model WC tutor guide for assignments. Consider designing one for your upper division courses so that clients can make the most of Writing Center appointments. 

Assignment: COMM 110:  Analysis of the Phaedrus (PDF)

Assignment: HIST 204: Document Analysis (PDF)

Assignment: HIST 110: World Civilizations (PDF)

Suggestions for Commenting on Student Writing

Assessing and Commenting on Essay Structure (PDF)

Helping Students Meet Your Writing Expectations (PDF)

Making Comments on Student Drafts (PDF)

 Grading and Assessing Student Writing

Rubric Form (PDF)

Ready-to-use sample form that can be adapted to your own requirements if necessary.

General Grading Criteria: The Essay (PDF)

Grading Rubric: Introduction to American Studies (PDF)

Grading Rubric: Anthropology of Sports (PDF)

Grading Rubrics: BIO 344: Animal Behavior (PDF)

Helpful Research

Expressive Writing and Learning (PDF)

Informal Writing in History Survey Courses (PDF)

Writing-to-Learn for Large Classes (PDF)

Writing-to-Learn in Foreign Language Classes (PDF)