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Quantitative Resource Center

The Quantitative Resource Center (QRC) provides students with extra help in the math, science, and quantitative portions of their classes and supports already existing department-based tutoring.

We offer support for the following classes:

Bio: 120, 220, 221
Busn: 130, 210, 230
Chem: 114, 115, 116, 220
CSCI: 107, 112 (no weekly appointments for CSCI)
Econ: 130, 210, 220
Fin: 130, 210
Math: 102, 105, 108/109, 110, 111, 150, 160, 210, 214, 230, 231

Students can make individual appointments through an online system or weekly appointments by contacting the QRC Director, Julia Berkowitz


1. Attendance: You are allowed 2 misses/cancellations. On your third miss or cancellation your remaining appointments will be cancelled and you will no longer or be allowed to use the QRC without first speaking with Julia Berkowitz.

2. Coming in to say that you have “nothing to work on” or canceling for that reason is considered a missed appointment.You always have something to work on (i.e corrections for past quizzes and/or tests, review difficult concepts, preview upcoming material).

3. Come prepared. Homework must be attempted to the best of your ability. Come prepared with your notes and questions. Use this time to clarify concepts and problems or to review for assessments.

You are allowed to schedule one additional appointment during the week, as needed. Use of cell phones in the QRC is prohibited.