Math Resource Center

The Quantitative Readiness Assessment is available through your Moodle account. Log in and look under “My Courses” on the left side of the page.

The Math Resource Center (MRC) provides students with extra help in the math, science, and quantitative portions of their classes and supports already existing department-based tutoring.  Making an appointment is highly encouraged since walk-in help cannot be guaranteed.

For Spring 2014, the MRC provides tutoring support in:


  • Bio 103 Human Bio
  • Bio 106 Nutrition
  • Bio 150 Stats


  • Bus 130 Applied Statistics
  • Bus 230 Financial Accounting


  • Chem 108/ES 108
  • Chem 109 Physical World
  • Chem 114
  • Chem 116

Computer Science:

  • 107 Intro to Web Programming
  • 112 Computer Science I (No standing appts for this course)


  • Econ/Fin 130 Applied Statistics
    Note: We do not tutor Econ 110 since this is a theory class not a quantitative class. 


  • 110 Calculus I  
  • 150 Intro Probability and Statistics 
  • 160 Math Methods with Applications 


  • Phys 109 Astronomy 
  • Phys 111
  • Phys 121


  • Psych 221/222 Research Methods and Stats

What to Bring to an Appointment

Be sure to bring your text book, assignments, test/quiz review sheets and any other material that was given to you by your instructor. Also, be sure you have extra paper for working problems and a pencil.

All cell phones must be turned off when you enter the MRC