• Minor in Urban Studies

    The minor in Urban Studies is designed to complement a variety of majors throughout the curriculum.  Prospective minors are strongly encouraged to declare early and consult with a member of the Urban Studies committee in order to tailor their minors to the rest of their program of study. No major is available.

    Requirements for the Minor:

    • Core course for all students: Urban Studies 110: Introduction to Urban Studies
    • One methodology course: Minors are expected to take one methodology course that is related to the types of research they are likely to do in Urban Studies. The following methodology courses are already approved. Other methodology courses may be taken to meet this requirement in consultation with the chair of Urban Studies. NOTE: many of the courses below have prerequisites or are restricted to majors.
      • ARTH 485: Seminar: Means and Methods of Art Historians
      • COMM 301: Communication Research Methods
      • ECON 180: Quantitative Methods for Economics and Business OR ECON/BUSN/FIN 130 Applied Statistics
      • HIST 300: Theory and Methods
      • MATH 150: Introduction to Probability and Statistics
      • POLS 200: Methods of Political Research
      • PSYC 221: Research Methods and Statistics I
      • PSYC 222: Research Methods and Statistics II
      • SOAN 310: Quantitative Methods
      • SOAN 320: Qualitative Methods
    • Two credits of internship covering service and urban work. (Internships must have approval of the Urban Studies chair in order to receive credit; some two-credit internships may satisfy both the urban and service requirements.)
    • Two electives from among the following:
      • AMER 200: Topics
      • AMER 226: Chicago: Global City/City of Neighborhoods
      • ARTH 217: 19th Century Art
      • ARTH 218: 20th Century Art
      • ARTH 221: Modern Architecture
      • ARTH 225: American Architecture
      • ARTH 323: Monuments and Memory
      • COMM 285: Modern Media History
      • ECON 280: The Mexican-American Border
      • ECON 320: Labor in the American Economy
      • ECON 325: Economy of Land
      • ECON 340: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
      • EDUC 212: Educational Reform in the U.S.
      • EDUC 310: Equity and Social Justice in Education
      • ENGL 311: Hidden Chicago: Culture, Class, Conflict
      • ENGL 312: Black Metropolis: A Study of Black Life in Chicago
      • ES 315: The Social Ethics of Energy Production and Use
      • FIN 337: Real Estate Finance
      • HIST 201: Modern America
      • HIST 235: American Cities
      • HIST 239: History of Education in American Society
      • HIST 318: Chicago: History and Public Memory
      • HIST 348: Stereotyping Indian Cities
      • POLS 232: Race and Politics in the Age of Obama
      • POLS 233: Chicago Politics
      • POLS 234: Urban Politics
      • SOAN 237: City, Space and Place
      • SOAN 290: Social Problems and Social Policy
      • SOAN 353: Anthropology of Automobility
      • SOAN 354: Anthropology of Place
      • THTR 102: Theater in Chicago

      Some of the electives noted above may be offered as part of Lake Forest College’s In The Loop program. Courses from other off-campus programs may be eligible to count as electives toward the minor with the approval of the Urban Studies chair.