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Applications, Entrance Exams, Forms, and Committee Letter

Request for a Committee Letter from Pre-Health Advising

Some health professions graduate programs require a committee letter (sometimes called a cover letter) from Pre-Health Advising. This letter draws on all that we know about the student from their academic records, test scores, resume, personal statement, and recommendations from individual evaluators. We generally send a single packet containing the committee letter, the student’s letters of recommendation, the waiver form, transcripts and an explanation of our rating system to the application service (or directly to the school).   If you are an alum and require a committee letter, please contact the Pre-Health Advising chair at prehealth@lakeforest.edu.

Forms required for students requesting a cover letter from Pre-Health Advising:


For all Pre-Health students

You are strongly encouraged to meet periodically with a member of Pre-Health Advising concerning your health professions preparation and application procedures. Students applying to medical, dental, and veterinary programs need to apply over one year in advance and should plan accordingly.



Most (but not all) health professions graduate programs use a centralized application service.  Here are a few:


Entrance exams

Most health professions graduate programs have a required entrance exam; each is administered several times a year.

We recommend that students take the appropriate entrance exam prior to their senior year.  Please note that students applying to medical, dental, and veterinary programs MUST take the appropriate entrance exam by the summer prior to their senior year.

The Career Advancement Center maintains a relationship with test preparation services and practice exams are given at Lake Forest College.  Contact the Career Advancement Center and take a practice test with no obligation!!