Philosophy Internships

Philosophy students prepare themselves for careers as they gain practical knowledge and experiences in a wide variety of fields. Internships in various career paths ranging from law to education to public service are common for philosophy majors.

To set up an internship, contact the Career Advancement Center. The supervisor for Philosophy-related internships is Julia Fiske. Contact information is located in the left sidebar of this page.

Philosophy Employment Options

Each of the following are reported fields and careers that philosophy students in the US have obtained:


  • Social & Community Services
  • Religion & Ministry
  • Education
  • Government
  • Ethics
  • Law 
  • Business
  • Medicine
  • Consulting
  • Writing

Specific Careers

  • Academic Support for an independent school
  • Administrative & Operations Specialist for a university
  • Administrative Assistant for a university
  • Analyst for a consulting firm
  • Analyst for a financial consulting firm
  • Associate for a national accounting/tax/business advisory firm
  • Associate Security Operations Analyst for a consulting firm
  • Associate Software Engineer for a financial services company
  • Behavioral Support Specialist for a social services nonprofit
  • Commercial Credit Analyst for a bank
  • Commercial Underwriter for an insurance company
  • Communications Coordinator for a nonprofit professional association for physicians
  • Construction Assistant for an international nonprofit organization dedicated to affordable housing
  • Consultant for a professional services/accounting firm
  • Corporate Human Resources Advisor for a multinational oil/gas company
  • Counselor for an organization serving people with disabilities
  • Economic Service Work for a state agency
  • Editor in Chief for small publisher
  • Environmental Educator for the Peace Corps
  • Environmental Policy Analyst for a city agency
  • Financial Advisor for a global financial services firm
  • Financial Analyst for a nonprofit, faith-based financial services organization
  • Grant Manager for a university
  • Grant Writer for a public television station
  • Head of Public Relations for an international organization promoting peace
  • Information Specialist for a trade association for nonprofit executives
  • Intelligence Officer for a clandestine government agency
  • Legal Assistant for provider of internet-related products/services
  • Legal Assistant for a law firm
  • Manager for a bakery
  • Manuscript Editor for a university press
  • Market Analyst for real estate brokerage firm
  • Medical Liaison for nonprofit community service & behavioral healthcare organization
  • Outreach & Education Director for an environmental nonprofit
  • Paralegal for a law firm
  • Program Associate for a global asset management firm
  • Program Coordinator for a university
  • Program Specialist for a federal government agency
  • Project Coordinator/Grants Writer for an international humanitarian organization
  • Sales Account Executive for a financial services firm
  • Seminarian for a Catholic Diocese
  • Senior Public Relations Manager for a global information technology company
  • Social Sciences Editor for an encyclopedia
  • Software Developer Engineer for a software company
  • Software Engineer for a software consulting firm
  • Special Agent for a government agency responsible for criminal investigation & counterintelligence
  • State Trooper for state police
  • Strategy Analyst for a bank
  • Teacher for a cultural exchange program
  • Teacher for an educational nonprofit
  • Technical Writer for a computer technology corporation
  • Technical Writer for a multinational computer software company
  • Web Producer for a television station
  • Wilderness Therapy Counselor for a nonprofit serving children & families
  • Women’s Advocate for a domestic violence shelter
  • Writer/Editor for an international university

As you can see, the options are vast and are not at all limited.

LFC Alumni Experiences Post-Graduation, class of 2013

  • Economic development NGO @ Cooper’s Ferry Partnership
  • Peace Corps Volunteer (China)
  • Sports Agency (Chicago)
  • Paralegal(s) (Chicago)

For more information about internships at Lake Forest College, please visit the Internships page.