Robert B. Glassman Memorial Brain, Mind, and Behavior Symposium


Honoring Outstanding Student Research in Neuroscience

The Brain Awareness Week Faculty/Student Symposium was renamed the Robert B. Glassman Memorial Brain, Mind, and Behavior Symposium in 2013 in honor of the late Professor of Psychology Robert Glassman, who played a leading role in developing Lake Forest’s popular neuroscience major.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, November 11

  • Nov
    7:00pm - 9:00pm: Messengers of the Mind
    NEUR 372 Pharmacology 

    Dopamine: Khadijah Hamid ’16, Fatima Hooda ’16, Reshma Kurian ’16, Alexandra Roman ’16, Hannah Fox ’15

    Serotonin: Saul Bello Rojas ’16, Taylor Jones ’15, Cecilia Reyes ’15, Johnathan Vinkavich ’15

    Glutamate: Cosmo Vivirito ’15, Greg Jamieson ’15, Maegen Schultz ’15, Eddi Moravac ’15, Peter Nesper ’15

    Norepinephrine: Rachel Granberg ’16, Lilly Mead ’15, Kayla Huber ’16, 
    Rachael Hussar ’16, Tyler Kuhn ’16, Nicole Zygmunt ’16

    GABA: Solomiya Stelmakh ’15, Yarolsav Voronin ’15, Yesenia Escobedo ’15, Nyla Mejia ’16, Zachary Sekulich ’15 

Thursday, November 13

  • Nov
    5:30pm - 6:45pm: Undergraduate & Alumni Research Poster Session
  • Nov
    5:30pm - 8:30pm: Robert B. Glassman Memorial Brain, Mind, and Behavior Symposium
    Faculty from various disciplines and alumni will present their scholarly interests about the mind from varied perspectives through short talks.
  • Nov
    6:45pm - 8:30pm: Faculty Talks

    Memoir: Prof Lois Barr (Modern Languages)

    Title: Dementia to the rescue


    Law:Prof Jed Stone (Politics and Legal studies)

    Title: Sleight of mind, magic, law, and brain


    Biology: Prof Jason Pitt (Biology)

    Title: Superglue-How glial cells promote brain function


    Religion: Prof. Ben Zeller (Religion)

    Title: From LSD to the God helmet: Religion and the Brain

    Psychology: Dr. Jill Glassman (Prevention Science, ETR)

    Title: Lying about sex in early adolescence:  Cause and consequence