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The program’s interdisciplinary focus is enhanced by neuroscience faculty at Lake Forest, who stress the examination of the relationship of brain, mind, and behavior from diverse academic perspectives.

Program Faculty

  • Shubhik DebBurman
    Disque D. and Carol Gram Deane Professor of Biological Sciences and Chair of Biology

    Areas of Study: cell biology, molecular biology, neurobiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, biology of human disease 

  • Matthew R. Kelley
    Professor and Chair of Psychology, Chair of Neuroscience

    Areas of Study: cognitive psychology, learning and memory, research methods and statistics

  • Naomi Wentworth
    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Areas of Study: developmental psychology, aging, motivation, brain function in attention, mathematical psychology, infant development

  • Flavia Barbosa
    Assistant Professor of Biology

    Areas of Study: behavioral ecology, evolution, sexual selection, mate choice, animal communication

  • Margot Schwalbe
    Assistant Professor of Biology

    Areas of Study: Neuroethology, Animal Physiology, Animal Behavior, Sensory Biology, Biomechanics

  • Jean-Marie Maddux
    Assistant Professor of Psychology

    Areas of Study: behavioral neuroscience, associative learning, attention and learning, motivation, incentive salience, addiction, behavioral pharmacology

  • Ryan Selleck
    Lecturer in Neuroscience

    Areas of Study: behavioral neuroscience, cellular and molecular pharmacology, electrophysiology, impulsivity, emotional valancing, cortical modulation of behavior

  • Steven McGaraughty
    Lecturer in Neuroscience

    Areas of Study: Pain modulation, drug discovery, neuro-immune interactions, and neuro-electrophysiology

Associated Faculty

  • Donald Meyer
    Professor of Music

    Areas of Study:  music history, music theory, film music, electronic music, music composition.

  • R. Sergio Guglielmi
    Professor of Psychology

    Areas of Study: clinical psychology, health psychology, cognitive- behavioral therapy, psychophysiology, educational psychology, structural equation modeling, analysis of longitudinal data (e.g., latent growth modeling)

  • Chloe Johnston
    Associate Professor of Theater and Performance Studies

    Areas of Study:  performance studies, performance art 

  • Katy Reedy
    Visiting Assistant Professor of English

    Areas of study: Shakespeare; Renaissance drama and poetry; sixteenth- and seventeenth-century religious history; early modern medical practices and epidemic disease; revenge narratives

  • Sugata Banerji
    Assistant Professor of Computer Science

    Areas of Study: computer vision, scene understanding, machine learning

  • Virginie Bottero
    Lecturer in Neuroscience

    Areas of Study: Cell biology, molecular biology, molecular genetics, microbiology, neuroscience