With a vibrant and exciting music scene in Chicago and the surrounding areas, music students have opportunities for internships and careers in various aspects of music. 

Past internship sites
  • Chicago Dance & Music Alliance
  • Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • Circle Pines Center
  • Illinois Arts Council
  • Ravinia Festival
Top jobs for music grads
  • K-12 music educator
  • Music therapy
  • Freelance performing and composing in many genres
  • Recording studios
  • Private studio teaching
  • Music publishing
  • Business administration
  • Research and development
  • Graduate School in Music, English, Education, Medicine, and Library Science

Be Entrepreneurial

Creating a life and career in the arts demands initiative and perseverance above and beyond what many career paths require. That’s why the College offers a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation. During your time at Lake Forest College, we encourage you be entrepreneurial as you imagine your future. 

  • Map your career goals.
  • Practice your craft. Everyday.
  • Perform, compose, study or write at every opportunity.
  • Develop fine promotional materials and distribute them where appropriate.
  • Utilize the Internet and networking sites to your career advantage.
  • Nurture professional relationships.
  • Collaborate.
  • Practice collegiality with your friends and faculty every day, as they may be your future colleagues. 
  • Remain flexible and curious about the world.
  • Work hard, with a sense of urgency and purpose.