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Master of Liberal Studies

Oxford Summer Program

The Graduate Program in Liberal Studies at Lake Forest College offers its students and alumni the opportunity to live and study at Oxford University during the summer.

Participants will undertake a program at Exeter College, where they will study, live, and dine. A single room with a shared bath is provided for each student. Meals are served in the college dining hall. With the exception of weekend lunches, room and board are included in the program fees.

Courses are offered in two sessions, each lasting three weeks, in July and early August. During a session, a student selects two courses from either of the two Exeter summer programs, English Literature or History, Politics & Society. All classes are taught as seminars by Oxford tutors and supplemented by plenary lectures. Before the program begins, students will be given a list of preparatory readings that they are expected to complete before arriving at Oxford.

A three-week session of two courses counts as one Lake Forest College course.

Tuition and fees vary with the exchange rate. The amount does not include the costs of air transportation, books, and personal expenses.

Students may also enroll in a session not for credit.

Justin Boley remembers his experience at Oxford:

The Oxford program was one of the most enjoyable adventures of my life. I spent several weeks studying and meeting with engaging scholars and prominent public figures, including a member of the House of Lords and the President of Ghana. I found myself working daily with a wide variety of international students. Whether it was sharing a local ale with a history teacher from North Carolina, or taking photos of the chapel with a mathematics Ph.D candidate from Stanford–it was always easy to find interesting debate and stimulating conversation. One of the things I will remember most about my experience in Oxford is the sense of history I felt in the streets and the halls. Although the academic lectures and the weekly debates were surely a great experience in themselves–there is nothing quite like peering through the gates where John Locke took notes, or sharing a meal at the Eagle and Child table where J.R.R Tolkien and C.S. Lewis created their worlds of fantasy.