Fall Seminar

Graduate Seminar, Fall 2014

Monday, 7:00 - 9:50 p.m.
September 8, 2014 – December 8, 2014

MLS 534  Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
Civil rights and civil liberties are often confused but both are essential to any civilized society.  This seminar will focus on the essential differences between civil liberties—or the individual freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights—and civil rights, the protections afforded particular groups from discrimination or unequal treatment.  Landmark cases in the areas of reproductive rights, freedom of speech and religion, capital punishment, the right to keep and bear arms and voting rights will be studied and discussed, from a legal, political and an historical perspective.  International comparisons will be an integral part of the course focus. 

Professor Debra Homer Levis (Politics)
Professor Catherine Weidner (History)