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Computer science students learn about graphics compression from Professor Knuckles.Computer science students learn about graphics compression from Professor Knuckles.

  • Professor Karen Kirk and computer science major Sylwia Dakowicz ‘13 use computers to mine and analyze data of gene sequences for a Richter Scholar research project. Professor Kirk received a National Science Foundation grant to identify telomerase RNA in her study of aging, and several biology students will assist with parts of the research, likely leading to their senior theses.

From the conceptual and analytical skills students gain in upper-level math courses to the practical skills student learn in computer programming, our students are well prepared for careers and advanced study in a number of fields. Students also find natural collaborations among the sciences and with art and communication technologies.

Concepts and techniques of mathematics and computer science play a vital role in everyday life. The curriculum and other activities of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science reflect this. 

Department News

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    The College is looking for a new tenure-track computer science professor. Interested in working with students on research? Read more about the position here.
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    Professor of Mathematics David Yuen was invited by Lake Forest alum and North Central College math professor Neil Nicholson ’02 to be the featured end-of-the-year speaker for the North Central Math Circle lecture series at North Central College, on April 29, 2014. Yuen’s talk, titled “Topology of a World,” was followed by a group math exercise led by Yuen.

    The event was funded by a grant obtained by Nicholson from the Mathematics Association of America. 
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