Modern Languages and Literatures


  • Jean-Luc Garneau
    Professor of French

    Areas of Study:  linguistics, littérature Québécoise, French literature of the twentieth century, translation

  • Cynthia T. Hahn
    Professor of French, Chair of Modern Languages and Literatures

    Areas of Study:   French language; Francophone literature of Quebec, Africa, and Lebanon; French literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; translation; business French; French film

  • Richard Fisher
    Associate Professor of German, Chair of Classical Studies

    Areas of Study:  Goethezeit, modern German literature, literary genres, epic literature, comparative studies

  • Gizella Meneses
    Associate Professor of Spanish

    Areas of Study:  U.S. Latino/a literatures and cultures, testimonial literature, Latin American colonial studies, Latino and Latin American cultural studies and film

  • Ying Wu
    Assistant Professor of Chinese

    Areas of Study: sociolinguistics; Chinese linguistics; business Chinese; Chinese literature in translation and culture

  • Daniel Hanna
    Assistant Professor of French and Spanish, Chair of Latin American Studies

    Areas of Study: French literature, literature in translation

  • Denise Kripper
    Assistant Professor of Spanish

    Areas of Study: translation theory, transatlantic studies, contemporary Latin American literature

  • David Fernandez-Diaz
    Assistant Professor of Spanish

    Areas of Study: XVIIIth to XXth Century Spanish Literature 

  • Naouel Slaoui Andaloussi
    Lecturer in Arabic

    Areas of Study:

  • Philip Lenczycki
    Lecturer in Chinese

    Area of Study: 

  • Beth Sanchez
    Lecturer in Spanish

    Areas of Study:

  • Eiko Ichinose
    Lecturer in Japanese

    Area of Study: Japanese language


Emeritus Faculty

  • David George
    Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Emeritus

    Areas of Study:  Spanish language, Spanish literature, Latin American studies, Portuguese language, theater, translation

  • Lois Barr
    Associate Professor of Spanish, Emerita

    Areas of Study:  Spanish language, Latin American literature, peninsular literature

  • Clayton Gray, Jr.
    Associate Professor of German, Italian, and Russian, Emeritus

    Areas of Study:  German language; medieval, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century German literature; comparative literature; Russian and Italian language