The Independent Scholar Program is run by an interdisciplinary committee of faculty, listed here. Students contemplating designing their own majors are encouraged to talk to any member of the committee about the procedures for application to the program, to brainstorm appropriate foci for their studies, or to recommend faculty advisors.

An Independent Scholar, like all other students at the College, must have an academic advisor in her major.  Her academic advisor need not be a faculty member on the Independent Scholar Committee, in fact, it usually will not be: rather, one’s Independent Scholar advisor should be a faculty member with specific expertise in the area of the Independent Scholar major’s specially-designed academic area and interest in working with the student intensively on it.


  • DeJuran Richardson
    Professor of Mathematics

    Areas of Study:  statistics, biostatistics

  • Janet McCracken
    Professor of Philosophy, Chair of the Independent Scholar Program

    Areas of Study:  aesthetics, history of philosophy, gender studies, film

  • Richard Pettengill
    Associate Professor and Chair of Theater

    Areas of Study: dramaturgy, performance studies, renaissance drama, theater history

  • Amanda Felkey
    Associate Professor of Economics and Business, Chair of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies

    Areas of Study:  household economics, behavioral economics, development economics, quantitative methods, microeconomic theory


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