Internships and Careers

At Lake Forest, both quality academic programs and internship experiences help students prepare for the working world. Our proximity to Chicago offers access not only to extensive internship options, but also to a network of powerful alumni and friends.

Breaking news! History majors do not always become historians! Our history grads go on to do great things in all sorts of fields, guided by their personal interests, the advice of our involved faculty, and the help of our Career Advancement Center. From warfare information officers and global compliance specialists to bibliographers and architects, our graduates find great jobs around the world.

Career Pathways

Lake Forest College facilitates five career communities called Career Pathways to help students explore major/career options and position themselves for the internships that will help them to further prepare for productive and rewarding careers after graduation. Students from all majors can participate in the Career Pathways to shape their career goals alongside of their academic interests.

History majors tend to find their fit in the Law and Public Service Career Pathway. However, they can find a home in any pathway, as history students have skills that can apply to nearly any industry.

To get an idea for which pathways students might join based upon some common history interests, check these out:

  • Teacher – Law and Public Service
  • Arts Administrator – Creative Arts
  • Lawyer – Law and Public Service
  • Social Worker – Law and Public Service
  • Wealth Manager/Financial Consultant – Business and Finance
  • Advocate – Law and Public Service
  • Physician – Science and Health Care
  • Legislative Aide – Law and Public Service

Students are able to pursue such a wide variety of careers and internships, because our faculty work with the department’s internship supervisor/career advisor to advise students on the best internships for their interests. History students who choose to do internships participate in them in addition to their required major courses to ensure a strong basis of study in the major.

Our history students are particularly well-prepared to understand how concepts learned in courses can be applied in a wider range of settings than you might imagine, because students have so much flexibility - the major requires just nine core courses, which students can complement with internships and additional areas of study.

Explore the Career Pathways by participating in events, reading profiles of students’ and alumni experiences, and by joining a pathway (or two). Remember to look at the next steps pages to get ideas for immediate ways to prepare yourself for great internships and a productive, rewarding career after graduation. 

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Graduate School

Our students often pursue advanced training in history, attending graduate schools for their master’s degree or PhD. Still others go to law school or pursue advanced training in librarianship or other fields. 

Recent Graduate Programs in History

  • Tufts University
  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • University of Chicago
  • University of California, Santa Barbara
  • University of Illinois at Chicago